Budget Beauty: Diwali Gifts Under Rs 1000 That Will Give Luxe Ones A Run For Their Money

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 27, 2021
Budget Beauty: Diwali Gifts Under Rs 1000 That Will Give Luxe Ones A Run For Their Money


Everybody’s favourite time of the year is finally here, and festivities have taken the centre stage. We’re talking full-on Glamm sessions, traditional attires, Diwali card parties, and whole lotta sweets. But wait, did you forget one of the best parts of Diwali? It’s the gifts! Some heartfelt, others practical, Diwali gifts are literal bundles of joy that everyone eagerly waits for.

Have you lucked out on Diwali gifting inspiration this year? Or are you bound to budget? Whichever reason it is, fret not, for we have assembled a list of handpicked beauty gifts that your loved ones are sure to enjoy. Everything in this gifting guide is under or on ever so slightly over Rs. 1000. Yup, these affordable beauty gifts area steal for sure!

The Ultimate Budget Diwali Gifting Guide

For A Gram-Worthy Diwali Glamm

Diwali season has everybody’s calenders full to the brim. From dinners, drinks and card parties – no time to Glamm? This magic number by POPxo Makeup Collection can solve this problem. Gift this face makeup kit to someone who is always on the go, and they will thank you for life.

One For Your Makeup Obsessed Friend

You’ve got to have that one friend or family member who is our own pro makeup artist. This advanced makeup kit is the perfect Diwali gift for them. Believe us, they’ll love it to the max!

Seal It With A KISS!

Either for your makeup addict friend or for someone you want to share a kiss with, this Kiss Gift Set by Huda Beauty is the perfect fit. It comes with two stunning lippies in shimmery shades – which makes it the best match for this Diwali season.

A Gift They’ll Be HOOKED On

A good eyeshadow palette can be your saviour when it comes to festive makeup looks, and this little number from Colorbar is one of them. If you gift this gorgeous eyeshadow palette to your loved ones, we’re pretty sure that they’ll be hooked to it just like we are!

The Perfect Gift For HIM

There’s a common misconception that beauty gifts are limited to female friends and family. If you too are looking for a Diwali gifting guide for the important men in your life, go for this amazing UCB fragrance. Plus point? Diwali discounts will have you saving almost 50%!

And The Perfect Fragrance For HER

Now that we are already on the topic of fragrances, why miss out on another fragrance that is to die for? This attar by ISAK Frgargrances has a charming blend of refreshing lemon with the mesmerizing notes of jasmine and lavender. It comes meticulously packed which will save you all the gift packing time and worries too!

Discounts That Your Bank Account Will Love

Hairstyling is one of the most important parts of the festive look. Gift someone an advanced hair styling tool like this Philips straightener to make their Diwali hairstyling easier, quicker and much more efficient.

Get That Glow Girl!

If you’re someone who is bound by a tight budget, here is your cue to make the best skinvestment. This revolutionary mix of skincare and makeup in one tube is currently every girl’s favourite, and for all the right reasons. It is a moisturizer with a highlighter and serves as an amazing no-makeup-makeup base. Literally the perfect Diwali gift for the festive glow!

Wait! You Didn’t Forget Skincare, Did You?

With the festive season and wedding season overlapping like usual, look where other’s aren’t – skincare! Makeup is on everybody’s wish list ATM but skincare is the need of the hour. Gift this skincare set by L’Oreal to a loved one, and you will definitely score a spot in their favourites list.

The Perfect Addition To The Festive Glamm Squad

Out of experience, I can approve that 9 out of 10 girls will have at least one Maybelline favourite in their top-rated makeup products. Why not add one more? Gift this beautiful nude eyeshadow palette to someone who is obsessed with Maybelline. It includes a collection of matte and glittery shades that are perfect for this festive season too!

Something Extra Special

Make the most of Diwali discounts and grab this amazing offer to get your loved ones a customized hair care experience. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be pampered with a haircare collection exclusively made for them? This idea spells ‘special’ in gold fonts and glitter. Go for it!

Which Beauty gift will be making its way to your cart this festive season?

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