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Dear Reader, Here Are 10 Bridgerton-Inspired Outfits If You Wish To Promenade In Style

Dear Reader, Here Are 10 Bridgerton-Inspired Outfits If You Wish To Promenade In Style

Lovely day, is it not, dear reader? Bridgerton season 2’s success continues to echo on the internet, days after it dropped on Netflix. There are vivacious new debutants in the ton and netizens seem to have drastically changed their opinions on a certain viscount this season. And while Anthony Bridgerton continues to fuel romantic fantasies, it is the Regency fashion that has caught your author’s attention. The Bridgertons appear to be as suave as ever and it is worth mentioning that even the Featheringtons have upgraded their wardrobes. That said, it is the newly arrived Sharma family who has become the talk to the ton and almost every fashion tabloid at the moment. 

With all eyes of the accomplished Sharma sisters—Kate and Edwina—the fashion-forward have declared that it doesn’t get more stylish in London. Not just one of them, but both appear to be the diamonds of the season. Well, that’s a thought that the queen would hate to entertain as much as embracing Regency fashion in 2022. But that’s what your author rejoices in the most. Scroll down for 10 Bridgerton-inspired outfits that will be perfect should you wish to feel like a character from Regency literature:

For The Most Headstrong Lady At The Ball

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From the high neck to the sombre hue, this one has Kate Sharma written all over it. We love the floral detailing that gives this Geisha gown a touch of understated opulence. 

For When You Want The Viscount To Smirk Like A Fool

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Remember when the Viscount said that he is a “gentleman” and then forgot all about his title the very next second! Yup, this dress should get that done.

When You Are Invited For Tea At The Queen’s

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If the Queen names you the diamond, it is best that you stay at the top of your sartorial game every timeyou visit to marvel at her menagerie and diabolical schemes.

When “Your Grace” Isn’t Being So Graceful

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He might be hot and, well, the duke but never forget that you are the diamond and can score a Prince too. Here is an outfit that shall help both you and the Duke with a reminder. 

When You Wanna Be A Discerning Wallflower

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Whoever mocks Penelope Featherington and her all-yellow wardrobe, clearly does not know that the hue was as hot in the Regency era as fuchsia pink on 2022 red carpets. Well, you do you, boo and slip into this ruffled beauty by Swatee Singh.

When You Want To Be Declared The Belle Of The Ball

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Delicately embroidered tulle nicely accentuated with ruffles and statement sleeves—dare we say you’ll be declared the belle of the ball. 

When You Are Meeting A Gentleman Caller

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Didn’t Daphne say that lavender is the colour of “first love?” Well, add in some romantic ruffles with this Suruchi Parakh gown and you’d be all set to charm. 

When You Have Been Invited To Promenade In The Park (Or The Mall)

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Let the entire ton notice you as you promenade through the park in this ombré dress by Sadhvi Suri. 

When You Want To Become The Bane Of Someone’s Existence 

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Want to become the object of all their desires? Take late-night strolls through Aubrey Hall corridors in this cut-work dress by Zara. 

When You Like To Keep It Fuss-Free

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If you are somewhat of an Eloise Bridgerton, we know you’d want the hems a little high and the dress absolutely fuss-free. Got you covered with this Rareism beauty!

Well., wasn’t that one exquisite curation or Tres Elegante, as Genevieve Delacroix would say!

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05 Apr 2022

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