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Bridal Makeup Kit And Hacks To Know Before Getting Hitched

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  Aug 19, 2019
Bridal Makeup Kit And Hacks To Know Before Getting Hitched


You may have been planning your dream wedding for over a year, but here’s the thing: despite micro-managing every single detail yourself, there are certain last-minute emergencies that you can’t really prepare for in advance! A chipped nail or a stubborn haldi stain is enough to wreak havoc on D-Day. Don’t start panicking just yet – we’ve put together the perfect bridal makeup kit to help you survive your wedding festivities without any hiccups. You’re welcome!

Last Minute Beauty Hacks For The Bride-To-Be

The perfect bridal makeup kit to help you survive your wedding night.


1. Dealing With Pesky Haldi Stains On Your Nails and Skin

Yes, the whole point of rubbing haldi on you is to help make your skin glow on your big day, but what if you can’t get rid of that yellow tinge and end up looking like a Simpsons character instead? Before you start freaking out and start scrubbing yourself madly, one simple method is to rub olive oil with a warm cloth on the stained areas, making it perfect for your bridal facial kit. Another remedy is to mix water and sugar and use it as a scrub. Not only does it work as a wonderful exfoliator for your skin and pores, but also aids in removing all traces of the haldi ceremony. Phew!

2. Emergency Makeup kit for the Bride

You will be spending a few hours before every function getting your makeup professionally done, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your lipstick won’t smudge, or your eyeliner won’t run thanks to a sudden onset of sniffles. To save yourself from any makeup-related drama, we advise you to pack the following in your bridal makeup kit.

Compact powder and concealer: For quick touch-ups in-between ceremonies and the reception. Plus, you never know when a zit can pop up thanks to all that stress!

A long-lasting lipstick: A shade that you know suits you well, and isn’t too light or too dark.

A bottle of nail polish: In the same shade that you will be wearing, to quickly fix any chips and snags in your manicure, make sure this one is included in your bridal makeup kit.

A small bottle of Vaseline: To rub on your teeth to prevent lipstick stains, to swipe on your lips in case your lipstick starts drying them out, or to use as a moisturizer on your elbows – you never know when it will come in handy.

3. Hair Products And Tools To Pack

You don’t want a loosened chignon or a few stray strands to ruin your big day. So don’t forget to keep these items within reach at the venue or carry them in your bridal makeup kit

Hairbrush/ comb: For quick fixes in-between functions.

A mini-bottle of hairspray: To reinforce those curls and strands back in place, include this one specifically in your bridal makeup kit.

Bobby pins: To tighten your updo and keep in place those strays that come loose after some time.

4. Miscellaneous Essentials

From snagging the hem of your beautiful lehenga on the pointy tip of a stiletto heel, to getting your period early, it’s best to have these items around to save you from any mini-disasters!

Deodorant/ perfume: A few hours in those heavy outfits under the sun or the glare of bright lights can make you smell and feel not-so-fresh.

Band-Aid: In case you cut yourself with your chudas, or need to cover up a shoe bite.

A sewing kit: For quick alterations, or to deal with unexpected rips and tears.

Pads/ tampons: Just in case!

Fresh wipes: To help you feel a bit fresher in between hectic functions.

Breath mints: You don’t need to worry about bad breath on top of everything else!

Double-sided tape: To keep everything in place and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions in case of low necklines and backless blouses.

An energy bar: To keep your energy levels up, considering all those hours of standing on your feet without a bite to eat.

Make sure to tell one of our besties to have your bridal makeup kit at hand so you’re prepared to handle just about anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!


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