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Wait, What? This Man Married Himself After His Fiancée Broke Up With Him!

2020 has been tough on all of us. My heart goes out to all the couples who had to either postpone or cancel their wedding plans because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, there were some who adjusted to the ‘new normal’ and tied the knot in beautiful intimate ceremonies, but the man we’re talking about here did something unusual that got the internet talking. A man from Brazil married HIMSELF after his fiancé broke up with him. Yep, you can go back and read that again.

Diogo Rabelo was engaged to Vitor Bueno in November last year and they were supposed to get married in October. However, after a series of arguments and fights, Vitor decided to call it off in July earlier this year. So instead of cancelling the wedding, Diogo decided to marry himself and celebrate the big day with a grand ceremony.


On October 16, the 33-year-old tied the knot with himself at a resort in Itacare, Bahia and interestingly, 40 out of his 50 guests attended the ceremony. Vitor’s guests weren’t present of course. Diogo, who is a doctor by profession, took to his Instagram handle and shared pictures from the unique wedding. 

In the series of Insta posts, Diogo explained the reason as to why he thought of going ahead with the wedding. He said, “I analysed the situation for a month and decided that I had to appreciate and love myself. The message I wanted to send to people with this marriage of mine is not that of a victim, I do not depend on a marriage to be happy. I do want to marry someone else, and I want to have children, but my happiness cannot depend on that. Today is one of the happiest days of my life, as I’m with the people I love the most in this life, celebrating what could be a tragedy, but I made it a comedy.”

Take a look at the gorg wedding pictures!

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The wedding pictures went instantly viral. Not just the photos, a wedding video, which shows him saying ‘I Do’ in the mirror to himself, also went viral.

Diogo marrying himself is a manifestation of self-love, but many would argue that sologamy is a meaningless practice that suggests low self-esteem. TBH, it’s all okay as long as he is happy, and he sure is! Congratulations Diogo!

Featured Image: Instagram/Diogo Rabelo

06 Nov 2020

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