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Bottleneck Bob: Is Summer’s Hottest Haircut Trend For You?

Bottleneck Bob: Is Summer’s Hottest Haircut Trend For You?

We’ve noticed that statement haircuts are taking over this summer and we aren’t complaining. As bangs have been steadily trending since last season and bobs are having a moment this season, the bottleneck bob is the result of merging these two popular trends to make an even more trendy statement. Both fringes and short haircuts are styles we think of when we’re in the mood to experiment, but the bottleneck bob is a mood all by itself. With tons of celebs singing its praise, we are calling it the go-to cool girl haircut style for this sizzling hot weather.

What Is The Bottleneck Bob?

It’s a haircut born by pairing the bottleneck fringe style with the bob haircut. This marriage of two trends has produced a chic hairdo that is very retro and utterly stylish. The bottleneck fringe style is shaped like the head of a bottle, hence the name. It is an edgier version of curtain bangs as it has the same length yet is cropped shorter at the centre. This means your bangs will end at the cheekbones on the sides but it will be choppier and shorter at the centre on your forehead. This fringe paired with a bob haircut of choice is what is creating a whole lot of magic this season. Your bob can be layered or straight cut, whichever you prefer, and the bottleneck fringe will complement it effortlessly.

Who Is It Meant For?

This particular haircut is best suited for straight to wavy hair textures. Even those with loose curls can opt for it, but those with kinky curly texture can skip this trend. This style is fairly low maintenance as the fringe is already cut in a way that looks messy and edgy. If you have opted for a layered bob, you won’t need to put in much styling efforts, but if you go for sharper and straight bob cuts, basic styling is required.

Bottleneck Bob Hairstyle Inspo To Bookmark

Crispy Crop

This rendition of the bottleneck bob is simple and stylish. It is cropped in a straight line with choppy ends to add a jagged texture. 


With curvy ends, this rounded version of the haircut is great if you want to experiment but not too much. It is a long bob with loads of body.

Soft-Blunt Bae

This is a blunt bob with the signature fringe style and it has softer edges. It’s a classy look to opt for that is versatile and so flattering. 

Bleach Please

If you’re wondering how it would look with crazy hair colour, here’s the result. This style will require high-quality maintenance when it comes to haircare products because of the chemical colour treatment.

Love Layers

The shaggy bob style that features many choppy or wispy layers goes perfect with the bottleneck bangs and is the ideal low maintenance haircut for all you lazy gals.

When going in for a hair makeover. Always arm yourself with the right haircare products. We recommend:

We can tell you’re already interested in trying this haircut out. This is your sign to take the plunge and just go for it!

Featured Images: Instagram

14 Apr 2022

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