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Our Life Is Not One Big Party: Bollywood Wives On The Truth Behind Their ‘Fabulous’ Lives

Our Life Is Not One Big Party: Bollywood Wives On The Truth Behind Their ‘Fabulous’ Lives

We couldn’t help but binge-watch the Karan Johar produced show Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives which recently released on Netflix. While we gush over the glamorous lives that these star-wives lead, they say there’s more to it than meets the eye. Seema Khan, Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey and Neelam Kothari Soni spoke about the show in an interview with Gulf News and shared that their lives are actually pretty normal. And we don’t want to believe it! 

The Bollywood wives have asserted that all the glam moments on the show were actually ‘cherry-picked’ to add some masala to the show. So, what’s the difference between their real-lives and reel-lives we ask? Here’s what they have to say. 


Reacting to the criticism the show received, Neelam stated that the show was just for fun and wasn’t meant to compete with other reality shows. “It’s just a show, which is meant to be fun. All you need to do is lie back and enjoy it. We don’t want to win any award for it. Take a chill pill,” she said.


‘Mundane’ much?

In one of the episodes of the Fabulous lives of Bollywood Wives, Seema Khan had spoken up about leading a ‘mundane’ life which raised quite a few eyebrows! We don’t know about Mrs Khan, but we surely wish to head out on ‘mundane’ shopping expeditions like you ladies. 



Elaborating further about their normal lives, Seema said that she goes shopping for her own fruits and vegetables and even uses rickshaws and public transportation. Well, we wish to run into you some day and catch up over some aloo, kanda shopping trip! 

Adding to this, she said, “When I said we lead mundane lives, I meant it. Our lives are not all about being glamorous and those endless parties. Of course, there’s glamour but like all women out there we multitask too. We are normal women and multitasking moms and that’s what I meant when I said we lead mundane lives. We also sit at home in our pyjamas at 7 pm and binge-watch Netflix on some days. So unlike popular belief, our life is not one big party and we are not going out partying every night. Let’s face it, it takes guts to put your life out there. But I promise you it’s just a sneak peek into our lives, we have just scratched the surface. There’s a lot more to our lives.”


The Kapoor family bahu Maheep too added to the conversation and opened up about how cleaning and cooking became a part of her lockdown life. She also hinted that the normal life of the Bollywood wives would not be as interesting for the viewers. “This lockdown, I have been cleaning and cooking too. But do people really want to see that? The makers have cherry-picked the scenes from our lives such as our shopping expedition and stepping out of a Rolls-Royce,” said Maheep.

Don’t worry Mrs. Kapoor, we like all parts of your life–from the jhadu-pocha to the foreign tours.


Speaking to Gulf News, Neelam pointed out that there’s another unseen part of their lives which clearly isn’t interesting enough for people. She also showed us her protective tiger mom said when she spoke about her daughter and said that she’s too young to be exposed to the industry. “I am constantly figuring out her classes, her pick up from school and drop-offs like any mom would,” said the star wife. We feel you Neelam!

“We do attend parties and that’s just one side of our lives. There’s another part that’s absolutely mundane. Unfortunately, all facets of our lives cannot be shown in just eight episodes lasting 30-minutes each. So, the question remains if people want to see us in bed with our reading glasses on and watching TV? I guess not. Trust me, there’s a part of our lives that’s mundane, but unfortunately, we couldn’t give a glimpse of that in the first season,” added Neelam.


For the uninitiated, Seema Khan is the wife of Sohail Khan, Maheep Kapoor is married to Sanjay Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey is Chunky Pandey’s wife and Ananya Pandey’s mother and Neelam Kothari Soni is the wife of Samir Soni. 

The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives released on Netflix in November this year. While this show garnered a lot of attention, critics pointed out plenty of flaws–while some termed it a ‘cringe-fest’, others called it ‘half-baked’ for being meaningless and unreal. 

As much as we love the show, we have to agree that this reality show might not be the full reality after all!

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18 Dec 2020

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