Neelam Kothari Gets Candid About Her Feelings On Getting Fillers & We Applaud Her Honesty

Neelam Kothari Gets Candid About Her Feelings On Getting Fillers  & We Applaud Her Honesty

It has been around two weeks since the Netflix show Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives premiered. And, two weeks since we all have been talking about Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. Well, whether you liked it or not, the show served its purpose of becoming the talk of the town and we give all the credit to Karan Johar and the four fab wives for that. Boring, unnecessary, addictive, cringy and a lot of other adjectives can be used to describe the series but one cannot deny that most of us binge-watched it in a go!

Honestly, the show had its own flavour and we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you’d want to watch further seasons (if it’s happening, that is). However, the first season of FLOBW was enough to give us plenty of content to talk about for months. One such topic that has got everyone talking is that of Neelam Kothari getting fillers on her face.

In the fourth episode of the series, called Feelings and Fillers, Neelam opted to get fillers--an anti-ageing treatment that makes your skin look younger and tighter. While different people react differently to the process of ageing, we understand that there are a lot of women who want to look young and keep their skin healthy for longer. While talking about the same, Neelam said in an interview recently, “I have no problem saying I am 50. I know that other women out there have had conversations with friends. Everyone is going through this ageing process. Whether in their minds or they are discussing it with their friends, they all want to look good and they don’t know what to do. So I told the creative team that I, myself, am going through this. I want to get something done but I am scared. I said I want to get a filler done. Very little, obviously. I asked if they wanted to capture it and they jumped at it.”


Of course, different people had different reactions to the same and they took to Twitter to share their views.

However, Neelam had quite an honest take on it and she said, “I just feel that why not? People lie about it and they hide it and say, ‘Oh, I don’t do anything,’ which is their prerogative. But I feel there is nothing wrong with going out there and being honest about it. Why not? I just feel it is going to help other women.”

We totally second with Neelam’s opinion and frankly, whether someone wants to get fillers to look young or use the ‘energies of Earth’ to rejuvenate their skin (just like Bhavana Panday) is totally their individual call. Life would really be easy if people stopped giving their unsolicited advice, right?

Our society has a weird prejudice against age and the Indian entertainment industry has practised ageism for as long as we can remember. This is especially true for female actresses as we see a gradual decline in their career once they cross forty. The age disparity is so obvious that we blatantly find male actors of 50-year-old performing in lead roles while their female co stars of the same age get cast for motherly roles. Having said that, it’s refreshing to see that stars like Neelam are staying honest about their age and at the same time, unapologetically choosing their own ways of dealing with the ageing process. 




More power to Neelam for being so candid about her take on anti-ageing and we hope that the different treatments shown on the series were of some help to you too!


Feature Image: Instagram