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Bollywood Celebrities Chill With Cartoons In This Artist’s Alternate Lockdown World

Bollywood Celebrities Chill With Cartoons In This Artist’s Alternate Lockdown World

That these are uncertain times is an established fact now. The year 2020 is a weird year and right from murder hornets to super cyclones, things just seem to get wilder. 

As we go about trying to make sense of the mess of this world around us, it is, in fact, the artists that have come to our rescue as they try to entertain and distract us through the tough times. Thus, we have some mindblowing shows being dropped on streaming services, some fun lives and reunions being conducted on social media, online concerts taking place, and relatable illustrators constantly assuring us that we are all in this together.   

Arpit Dudwewal is one such artist who is keeping us nicely distracted right now with his perfectly utopic illustrations. Why do we call them utopias you ask? Well, because his Instagram handle with illustrations is the only space where you can see your favourite Bollywood celebs casually chilling with Disney characters. Thus, don’t be too shocked if you come across Ayushmann Khurrana hanging out with Jasmine or Vicky Kaushal having a dance-off with Shinchan on Arpit’s fantastic page. 

Take this from us: this is one epic page for there’s nowhere else that you will come across Shraddha Kapoor doing the dishes as she chills with her favourite cartoon character, Pink Panther. Here, take a look:

Arpit’s artwork remains extremely relevant right now for perfectly capturing the present mood. As we all seek an escape while somehow managing all the household chores, he portrays it in a brighter, happier light. Oh and if you are observant enough, you’ll read through the subtle messaging in his artwork. Thus, when you come across an illustration of Ayushmann Khurrana smiling sheepishly after asking for “another cup of chai” you know it is a terrible idea as Jasmine looks visibly miffed while attending to the other household chores. Also, don’t miss out on how Ayushmann’s washing his hands in the illustration! Here’s the post:

He is doing a great job of sensing the pulse of the time and as we come across celebs posting their morning workout routines during the lockdown, be sure to find one on Arpit’s feed as well. 

And he also has something for all the bored fashionistas right now who are surviving through the current times by playing dress-up at home. Well, Arpit sure knows how quickly we are all going to get party-ready, once we get done with this lockdown!

A couple of weeks ago, Arpit also shared illustrations of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli having a gala time at home like they are actually having right now. To jazz it up the right way, added Scooby-Doo to the equation. This one sure knows how to take it up a notch.

Lastly, as we go about navigating through the current times with fun shows and relatable illustrations, may we never forget that it was the artists who painted a bright picture for us during the bleak times. This one’s for all the amazing artists out there!

Featured Image: Instagram

20 May 2020

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