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Transform Your Hair… With These 12 Bobby Pin Tricks!!!

Transform Your Hair… With These 12 Bobby Pin Tricks!!!

If you thought bobby pins were only to keep elaborate updos and hairstyles in place, you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s one of those tools that will always be there for you in the middle of a hair crisis or just to help you notch up a boring hairstyle. We give you a few life-changing bobby pin hairstyles to elevate your daily hair game. We’re sure you never imagined you could use them in so many awesome ways. 

1. At least Use Them Right!

Did you know that most of us have been slipping bobby pins for hair on all wrong? You’re actually supposed to have the bumpy side against your scalp and the flat side facing up. It has a better grip this way. 

Bobby Pin Tricks

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2. Secure Your Braid

All those cute fishtails and messy braids will look so much better without those unsightly hair ties at the end of your braid. Instead, tie a knot with your hair at the end of your braid and slide a bobby pin into the knot in an upward direction to secure it discreetly. 

3. Make Them Stick

If bobby pin hairstyles just don’t stay in place and are always sliding off your strands then this trick is a major game changer. Just spritz your bobby pins with hairspray to help them keep your style together for hours. 

Bobby Pin Tricks

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4. The Side Swept Wonder

This celeb favourite hairstyle is super simple. Just brush all your hair to one side and place a few bobby pins behind your ear on the opposite side to hold it all in place. Pair the look with red lipstick to look as glam as ever.

5. Half Up But Better

We’re always pulling our hair away from our face, why not amp it up? Just take a thick section from the side of both temples and pin it behind your head using 3 pins in a triangle formation. These bobby pins for hair is fun and adds a unique touch. 

Bobby Pin Tricks

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6. When Your Hair Is Too Thick For A Bobby Pin…

And it keeps slipping out; all you need to do is weave it through your strands instead of just sliding it on. Basically, move the pin up and down while pushing it through your hair to reduce how much hair goes into the pin and help hold your style better.

7. Elevate Your Braid

It could be an elaborate braid or just a simple plait, but using colourful bobby pins like this will certainly help you be a major style inspiration. 

Bobby Pin Tricks

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8. Conceal Your Hair Tie

Bring a polished touch to your everyday ponytail by wrapping a thin section of hair around your hair tie. Pin it in place by sliding a bobby pin at the bottom of your ponytail to help hide your hair tie.

9. The Messy Bun

Yes, your haphazard bun at the gym or when you take a shower can actually look pretty cute too. Just wrap your hair in such a way that it looks like a kind-of ponytail with a bun at the base. Slide in bobby pins at random for a chic, messy look. Using colourful pins are also a fun idea.

Bobby Pin Tricks

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10. Fix A Droopy Ponytail

You know how when you pull your hair back into a high ponytail, you find loose strands slipping away from the bottom of the ponytail in less than a minute? Yup, that’s an annoying long hair problem that we all face. One quick fix is to flip your ponytail over and place a couple of bobby pins below the base in an upward direction so that half of the pin is below the elastic and half goes through the hair tie. Flip your ponytail back for a fuller look that won’t droop for the rest of the day.

11. Match With Your Bestie

Take fashion and friendship to a whole new level by splitting a pair of pins with your bestie for a one of a kind statement. We’re totally loving the ‘bride’ bobby pin as well and think it’s perfect to gift to your friend for a bridal shower. 

Bobby pin tricks

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12. Make Your Curls Last Longer

Love creating curls with your iron but wish that they lasted longer? Well after you’ve curled a section, use your fingers to twirl it towards your head and pin it down to your scalp till it has cooled completely. This will help them last longer and create better definition even with the most stubborn hair.

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05 May 2016

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