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Blonde Hair Colour Styles 2021

New Hair, Who This: Colour Your Locks Blonde & Jump On The Latest Insta-Approved Trend

Name one person who doesn’t enjoy uncovering a new beauty trend? We’ll wait. TBH, we love setting our sights on all the impending beauty trends. So after trawling through image after image on the ‘gram, we couldn’t help but notice the blonde hair trend emerging between the savviest bombshells on the block.

And right now, as we’re gearing up for a much-needed hair color shift, what better way than to take cues from the stylish ladies we follow on Instagram. If your strands are ready for a bit of refresh, keep scrolling to see the standout blonde-hued iterations that made the cut this time. Whether you are a free-spirited bird, an early trend adopter, a head-turner, or a born leader – there’s one to suit every style aesthetic. 

Switch Up Your Hair Colour Game By Bookmarking These Super Trendy Blonde Hair Makeovers

Perf For The Bold Type

If you are an early trend adopter who gets giddy about the prospect of finding something new, take cues from the superstar known for her signature style i.e, Billie Elish. The pop superstar keeps blessing our feed with eye-catching hair trends every now and then. From slime-green roots to all-over creamy blonde, we’ve seen it all. But right now, she’s making waves with her platinum blonde hairdo and is perfect for folks who love being a standout.

For An Eye-Catching Statement

If you are a trendsetter who’s always up for trying something new, no matter how daring it might be, this one’s for you. It’s a perf hair switch up for those of us who love being the first one to usher in a new beauty trend. If you are in the mood to experiment, this dual-toned colour block look is the perfect fit and will take your beauty game a notch higher in a jiffy.

’00 Inspired Face-Framing Strands

So, if you need a little help to switch up your hair game and boost your IG feed as well, what better way than to take cues from the queen of the beauty world. If you are a minimalist who loves indulging in the latest in the beauty world then this might be your favourite way to wear the trend. This one is subtle in its approach and edgy enough to help you make a head-turning statement. It involves dipping the shortest of frame-framing layers in a contrasting shade and can be easily done at home.

The Soft, Delicate Blonde

Taking a look at the beauty unfolding on Instagram at the moment, there’s no doubt that a number of micro-trends are bubbling up. But if you love stand-out yet classic hair colours, then this delicate blonde is the perfect fit for you, it’s pretty cool and makes for a head-turning statement. With Rosie HW wearing such a statement-making look, this is a trend that’s sure to bubble up in the days ahead, and the best part? It goes really well with Indian skin tone.

The Hot Balayage Edit

The choice of the colour scheme takes this version up a notch making it one of our favourites. If you like to keep things spicy, trade in the blonde or the bleached out white for an ashy balayage blonde one and you’ll be nailing a next-level, incredible take on blonde hair colour. No matter your hair length, this colour with tonnes of style is the perf for hot girl summer.

The Half Of It

With a little help from our beauty-focussed ‘Gram, we’ve found yet another subtle version to wear the trend. If you are looking for a chic yet standout variation, opt for this half and half pairing. It involves dividing the hair into two sections, the upper half dyed in a natural blend- a colour that’s closer to your natural hair shade with solid-hued unnatural opposite on the lower half. It will also add an Illusion of density and depth to your strands.

Choose the one you like and turn heads wherever you go!

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Jun 2021

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