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Award Shows May Be Cancelled But We Will Always Have These 7 Bizarre Red Carpet Looks

Award Shows May Be Cancelled But We Will Always Have These 7 Bizarre Red Carpet Looks

It’s true. If Bollywood has some of the best fashion appearances that are ample to get inspired from, they also have the reverse. The contrasting bit, which is some of the most bizarre looks ever. Considering that red carpets are where most of it is out for everyone to view, they also have their fair share of weird and avoidable fashion outings. Don’t believe us? All you got to do is look for yourself. 

Bizarre Red Carpet Outings By Bollywood Stars

To see what we are talking about, continue reading to see some of the most outlandish red carpet appearances from the past. 

That Underwhelming Gown


Apologies in advance but we just can’t forget Deepika Padukone’s underwhelmingly voluminous gown at Cannes last year. The subject of a number of lighthearted memes, it did capture the internet’s collective attention at the time but with respect to fashion, we can all agree that the Bollywood actress has more tricks up her sleeve. 

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold


The adage, you know the one we are talking about, didn’t turn out to be true in case of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s red carpet appearance. Her choice of gold gown failed to impress. An overall drenched look and that train aside, the pointy structure of the neckline too, didn’t work in the actress’s favour, making it a red carpet fail. 

A Mix Like No Other


The theme of bizarre red carpet fashion in Bollywood wouldn’t be complete without this one. Mallika Sherawat wearing a ‘sheer-panelled-meets-velvet-meets-cutout-details’ gown(?) certainly made heads turn, though that could be attributed to the strange nature of the outfit of choice.

OTT To An Extreme


Sonakshi Sinha’s sartorial style has evolved over the years, with the Bollywood actress giving us some remarkable red carpet fashion. But this one, an OTT version with absolutely too much going on, certainly didn’t make the cut. 

What Was This Again?


You may find Priyanka Chopra’s style to be on-point and barely straying from all things cool and chic (as do we) but sometimes, there is just no stopping the bizarre choices from creeping in. Case in point: the Bollywood actress’s neither here, nor there white garb, which came attached with a hood, for some strange reason. 

A Trend Gone Wrong


Yes, a dress worn with pants is indeed a trend but this look from Alia Bhatt veered more towards a dress/top with leggings route, one which could have been avoided had the front of the separate been a bit more accommodating and easy to carry. 

(No) Utility Outfit


We are sure Kajol already knows this, but the gown of choice during this past appearance did her no favours, rather made it a bizarre and cumbersome pick that had to be detangled from time to time. 

Now these are quite a handful, aren’t they? 

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09 Sep 2020

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