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8 Bizarre Bigg Boss Tasks We Can’t Believe The Contestants Actually Performed!

8 Bizarre Bigg Boss Tasks We Can’t Believe The Contestants Actually Performed!

Bigg Boss 16 is all set to make its premiere this weekend and we couldn’t have been more excited ‘coz we all love a little drama. Apart from the controversies and endless fights, the show also manages to get TRP due to some of its highly disgusting and humiliating Bigg Boss tasks. The Bigg Boss contestants really push themselves to stay inside the house (a little too much sometimes). So before Bigg Boss 16’s release, let’s take a look at a few utterly bizarre tasks that the gharwaasis have done over the years. 

Most Difficult Bigg Boss Tasks Performed By The Contestants: 

Here we have eight humiliating and bizarre things the Bigg Boss contestants have done in the name of tasks. 

1. Bathing In Cow Dung 

Voot Bathing In Cow Dung

This was gross and honestly, if I was asked to do it, I’d rather just walk out. The Bigg Boss contestants in season 7 were asked to bathe in cow dung, and they actually did it. Ratan Rajput was the star of the challenge.

2. Drinking Water From A Dog Bowl 

Voot Drinking Water From A Dog Bowl

As a Bigg Boss task in season 7, Kushal Tandon had to drink water from the bowl of a golden retriever who was trapped in the house. The actor actually performed the task but ended up puking later. I mean, what did you expect? 

3. Going Bald On TV 

Voot Going Bald On TV

For actors, their livelihood literally depends on how they look every single day. So this Bigg Boss task seemed a bit extreme. The contestants in Bigg Boss 7 were asked to shave their own hair and we saw Apoorva Agnihotri actually going bald to win this task. Salute! 

4. Slathering The Skin With Chilli Paste 

Voot Slathering The Skin With Chilli Paste

While I’ve heard that some ingredients found in your kitchen can actually be great skincare products, I’ve never heard of chilli paste being one of them. So unless it’ll make my skin glow from a hundred metres, I won’t apply it on my skin. But our brave Bigg Boss contestants from season 8 did apply it on his face. I can literally feel the burn! 

5. Pretending To Be A Dog 

Voot Pretending To Be A Dog

This task was really humiliating. The task from season 9 had Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant acting like pet dogs to Rishabh Sinha. They had to ‘play fetch’ and react to the names, Oscar and Snooky. As expected, this humiliation led to major fights and drama. 

6. Peeing Your Pants On TV 

Voot Peeing Your Pants On TV

The Bigg Boss contestants in season 11 were asked to perform the most bizarre task in order to achieve captaincy. They were asked to ride a gym ride. Sounds easy, right? Wait till you hear this. They were supposed to ride the bikes while constantly drinking water and whoever rode it the longest, would win captaincy. Committed to the task, Puneesh Sharma peed in his pants but didn’t leave the bike. Captaincy, but at what cost? 

7. Applying Cow Dung & Mud On The Body 

Voot Applying Cow Dung & Mud On The Body

What is the show’s obsession with cow dung? During one of the Bigg Boss tasks in season 13, the contestants were divided into two teams of ‘doctors’ and ‘patients’. The doctors were allowed to do anything to torture the patients and get them out of the operation table. Paras Chhabra took things a little too far when he applied a cow dung and mud mixture on Siddharth Shukla. 

8. Hugging A Pole For 15 Hours 

Voot Hugging A Pole For 15 Hours

This task was plain torture. In Bigg Boss 15, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashami Desai were expected to hold a pole in order to make it to the finale. The ladies stood holding the pole for 15 hours, while the other Bigg Boss contestants threw water, powder, oil, spices, and detergent on them to bring them down. Devoleena asked Pratik Sehajpal to splash water on her so she could pee in her pants. Well, getting to the Bigg Boss finale definitely ain’t easy. 

Are we going to see such tasks on Bigg Boss 16 again, or is it going to be worse this time? Only time will tell! So tell us peeps, which Bigg Boss task was the worst according to you? 

Feature Image: Instagram

30 Sep 2022

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