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Drama Queen! 6 Controversies Created By Rakhi Sawant In The Bigg Boss House

Drama Queen! 6 Controversies Created By Rakhi Sawant In The Bigg Boss House

If there existed a ‘controversy queen’ award, Rakhi Sawant would be the undisputed winner. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the Bigg Boss makers keep calling her back. Rakhi brings her own brand of bizarre to the show and never fails to create drama. Till now, the actress has appeared in three seasons of the reality show and looks pretty determined to appear in Bigg Boss 16 too. Well, we are yet to get a confirmation on whether that is going to happen but until then, we can revisit all the controversial moments she gave us in Bigg Boss 1, Boss Boss 14, and Bigg Boss 15. Before Bigg Boss 16’s release, let’s take a look at all the times Rakhi Sawant made headlines in the BB house. 

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Rakhi Sawant’s controversies in the Bigg Boss house: 

Rakhi Sawant has been one of the most controversial Bigg Boss contestants. Here are six times she made headlines in the Bigg Boss house. 

Rakhi’s Tiff With Kashmera Shah 

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Bigg Boss 1 was all about Rakhi Sawant and Kashmera Shah’s catfights. Kashmera turned all the contestants against Rakhi which led to her elimination from the Bigg Boss house. But that’s not it. Rakhi returned to the house with gifts for the contestants and claimed they were from everyone’s family. However, it was later revealed that Rakhi lied about getting the gifts from the family members and was just trying to win them back.

When Jasmin Bhasin “Broke” Rakhi’s Nose 

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In Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi accused Jasmin Bhasin of breaking her nose. The fight started when Rakhi declared whoever denies her coffee, will meet with an accident. She even wished physical harm upon her enemies in the house. This irked the other Bigg Boss contestants which led to a huge fight. Amidst this, Rakhi injured her nose and blamed Jasmin for it. 

Rakhi Getting Possessed By Julie 

Voot Rakhi Sawant in Bigg Boss

In Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi also claimed she was possessed by a 200-year-old ghost named Julie. She would put on makeup and try to scare other contestants who were residing in her “haveli” a.k.a the Bigg Boss house. While this was entertaining, she crossed all boundaries when she ripped Rahul Mahajan’s kurta and dhoti during one of the tasks while pretending like she was possessed. The inappropriate behaviour made everyone furious and the task was cancelled. 

Rakhi’s Crazy Obsession With Abhinav Shukla 

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Poor Abhinav Shukla often suffered at the hands of Rakhi who claimed to be “in love” with him. At first, everyone in the Bigg Boss house took it as a joke. But eventually, Rakhi started going overboard. She did weird things like writing Abhinav’s name all over her body with red lipstick. She even kept making comments on Abhinav’s body which made him really uncomfortable.

Rakhi Sawant’s Alleged Husband 

Voot Rakhi Sawant’s Alleged Husband

Things took a weird turn in season 15 when Rakhi’s husband Ritesh Singh entered the Bigg Boss house. However, his stay was jeopardized when his first wife made serious domestic violence allegations against him. His ill-treatment and rudeness towards Rakhi were not well-received either and Rakhi just made things worse by supporting him multiple times. 

Rakhi’s Illegal Marriage 

Voot Rakhi’s Illegal Marriage

Rakhi and her husband Ritesh made major headlines when the latter confessed he hadn’t divorced his first wife. Rakhi accepted that they had never been legally married and added that she doesn’t need his pity but a marriage certificate. The audience was taken aback by this information and so were the other Bigg Boss contestants. 

While her tactics may not always be appropriate, Rakhi Sawant has managed to stir up the Bigg Boss house and save the last two seasons. Do you think we will see her in the Bigg Boss 16 house yet again? 

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29 Sep 2022

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