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We Just Got A Glimpse Of Bigg Boss OTT Set & OMG, It Looks Dangerous

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Jul 29, 2021
We Just Got A Glimpse Of Bigg Boss OTT Set & OMG, It Looks Dangerous

My heart breaks every time a Bigg Boss season ends. The finale when the last two gharwalas switch off the main lights of the house? Yes, that’s painful. No more of that insane drama and no more living vicariously through the contestants in that gorgeous palace. Wait, what was that now? It’s not a palace? LOL, have you seen that place? I mean, that’s the kind of home that should be stored in museums so that they remain protected forever. Why do they even demolish it when the show ends? Well, they do it to build a more beautiful one with another quirky theme. And, guess what? Bigg Boss 15 house is going to be more stunning than anything we have ever seen before and we have proof!

So, brace yourselves because we got our hands on the first look of the Bigg Boss OTT set and NGL, it looks hella stylish. Take a look:

Wow, just… wow! This is the dining area and also where the OTT host, Karan Johar will meet and greet the gharwalas on the weekends. Hmm… We wonder why only seven chairs are placed here. What’s cooking, BB?

Anyhoo, we love the shades of yellow in the house, making the dark interiors look dangerously classy. Also, notice the french windows on the sides that are giving an illusion that the gharwalas can actually see outside? Smart! Don’t know about you, but this decor is giving us major Koffee With Karan’s rapid-fire vibes. Remember how KJo used to change the lightings of the room to black and red? Think he’s already bringing his own stylish touch to the show and we’re loving every bit of it!

Meanwhile, the main Bigg Boss set is under construction and will be all set by October. We have to say that these pics have set our expectations quite high. In fact, we also stumbled upon a snap that’s giving us a hint about the new BB 15 house. Have a dekko:

Now, the million-dollar question remains that who’s going to live in this amazing house? Well, we know that Divya Agarwal and Ridhima Pandit have already signed the dotted lines and will be seen on the show FOSHO. Apart from them, Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 contestants Arjun Bijlani and Aastha Gill have been approached by the makers and might enter the house.

Only a bunch of contestants will enter the main Bigg Boss house after surviving the OTT version and NGL, we cannot wait to find out who these people are!

Featured Image: Instagram