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Bigg Boss 16 Episode Highlights Day 2: Prank Calls, Non-Stop Fights, & Shocking Announcements

Bigg Boss 16 Episode Highlights Day 2: Prank Calls, Non-Stop Fights, & Shocking Announcements

After a stellar premiere, the second episode of Bigg Boss 16 aired tonight. We’ve got to say, this season is intense! In just a span of 24 hours, we have already witnessed major fights, unlimited drama, and lots of entertainment. To add some extra spice, Bigg Boss has kept contestants on their toes with shocking announcements and plot twists. Today’s episode was full of such BB googlies. Here are five highlights from Bigg Boss 16 episode two to keep you updated:

Sajid Becomes Abdu’s Translator

The episode started with Bigg Boss asking Sajid Khan to become Abdu Rozik’s translator. Since the Tajikistan singer doesn’t speak Hindi, Sajid will be translating everything he says for the audience. This also led to some fun moments when Sajid taught Abdu some Hindi words. It would be exciting to see this friendship unfold.

Bigg Boss Bids Goodbye To The Show’s Oldest Tradition

Bigg Boss shocked the contestants and the audience when he announced the biggest change this season. Over the course of fifteen years, BB contestants have always woken to a Bollywood song. However, that won’t be the case this time. This season, an alarm will ring and the contestants will have to gather in the garden within 5 minutes, and sing the BB anthem.

Prank Calls For The Contestants

The contestants got prank calls on their first day in the Bigg Boss house. The first phone call was from someone who pretended to be “Aamir Khan” and asked Shalin to jump into the pool. The second phone call was from “Hrithik Roshan” who asked Gautam to perform his iconic dance steps in every room. The third phone call was from “Sonu Nigam” who asked Tina and Abdu to sing a song for the contestants. The last phone call was from “Pankaj Tripathi” who asked Archana to write “Bekaar” on a contestant’s forehead. Archana chose Nimrit and as expected, this led to a major fight. 


Archana’s Tiff With The Other Contestants

On the first day itself, Archana already bumped heads with Tina and Nimrit. The first fight took place when she accused Tina of leaving the stove on and the Uttaran actress denied it. She then fought with Nimrit and accused her of constantly changing her mind about the house duties. Well, has Bigg Boss 16 already found its most controversial contestant?

Bigg Boss’ Second Shocking Announcement

Bigg Boss clearly has no chill this season. He stunned the contestants yet again with another update. He revealed that the BB captain would be under surveillance at all times. They have to be extra careful this season and can lose their captaincy if they aren’t good enough.

Well, we clearly didn’t expect so much drama! This only gets us more excited about what the rest of the season has in store for us.

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03 Oct 2022

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