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Bigg Boss 16 Live Updates: Bigg Boss Calls Out Tina Datta & Sreejita De For Faking Their Friendship

Bigg Boss 16 Live Updates: Bigg Boss Calls Out Tina Datta & Sreejita De For Faking Their Friendship

Last night, Bigg Boss 16 started with a bang. As we witnessed some exciting contestants make their way to the BB house, Salman Khan kept hinting at how this will be the most hatke season ever. Naturally, we were left guessing, and the best bit? Bigg Boss did not leave us hanging for too long. The teaser was enough to tell this season is already in its “intense” mode. For starters, Bigg Boss has done away with the morning song ritual that has been a part of Bigg Boss for 15 years! In the teaser, we saw Bigg Boss ordering everyone to learn and sing the BB anthem instead.

Last night’s trailer was enough to get us pumped up for today’s episode and it’s time to watch the drama unfold. And we are here to keep you updated through it all. So keep refreshing your browser, as we’ll keep you caught up with all the BB 16 drama.

09:34 PM

Sajid becomes Abdu’s translator and looks like we have the first dosti of Bigg Boss 16 blossoming. Sajid has some fun with Abdu and teaches him a few Hindi words.

09:40 PM

Archana Gautam and Tina Datta get into an argument. Archana accuses Tina of leaving the stove on and the Uttaran actress denies it. The first fight of the season has officially happened!

09:45 PM

Tina Datta asks for MC Stan’s real name. He shares “Altaaf” and then tells everyone he changed his name back in school after he got famous. He also tells that his name is short for “Mike Control Stan” where “Stan” is a mix of “Human and Satan.”


09:47 PM

MC Stan raps for the housemates and everyone is a fan!

09:50 PM

Bigg Boss shocks the contestants by making an unexpected announcement. He mentions there will be a few changes in the format of the show. The contestants won’t be waking up with a Bollywood song this season and an alarm will ring instead. The contestants have to gather in the garden within five minutes after the alarm and sing the BB anthem. 

09:55 PM

Sajid pulls Abdu’s leg and asks if he has a girlfriend. Abdu confesses that he had one but he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore.

10:00 PM

Tina Datta receives a cryptic phone call from “Aamir Khan”. He asks her for Shalin. He then asks Shalin to jump into the pool as a task. Shalin takes it in stride and jumps.

10:05 PM

Shalin gets back on a call with Aamir. He is told his jump wasn’t “perfect” and is asked to jump again. Shalin obliges. This happens three times in a row and right when Shalin starts to get irritated, Aamir finally approves of his jump. 


10:10 PM

The BB phone rings again. Soundarya answers and it’s Hrithik Roshan this time! He asks for Gautam and orders him to show off his physique. Gautam takes off his shirt. Hrithik then asks Gautam to do his hook step from Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai in every room of the house. 

10:15 PM

Nimrit asks Archana to change her duty from cooking to cleaning. The latter refuses to do so. Archana accuses Nimrit of constantly changing her mind. Nimrit tells Archana she’s doing this for “mileage.”

10:20 PM

The BB phone rings again and this time it’s Sonu Nigam! He speaks to Tina and asks her to sing Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke Maane Ne. Tina and Abdu sing together.

10.25 PM

“Pankaj Tripathi” asks for Archana on the phone. He asks her to write “Bekaar” on the forehead of a contestant she doesn’t like. There is a condition too—the contestant cannot wipe it off until Bigg Boss asks them to. Archana chooses Nimrit. This leads to another fight. Archana finally succeeds in finishing the task, leaving Nimrit upset. 

10:27 PM

Shalin discusses MC Stan with other contestants. He says he finds the rapper’s videos disresptful towards women and that he has been worried about Stan’s behaviour in the BB house. 

10:28 PM

MC Stan is called into the confession room. Bigg Boss asks the rapper to teach him some desi hip-hop. He gives MC Stan a chance to open up and then tells him to be a little more active among the contestants. 

10:45 PM

Gautam and MC Stan get into a fight about their duties. They blame each other for having an attitude. The boys get into a heated argument while the other contestants try to cool them down. Eventually, Gautam and Stan hug it out and resolve the fight. 

10:47 PM

Tina and Sreejita are called into the confession room. Bigg Boss questions them about their confusing dynamic. Bigg Boss asks the girls to be more clear about their relationship in front of the audience without misleading them. 

11:00 PM

The episode ends with the rest of the contestants discussing Sajid and how he is a very nice person.

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02 Oct 2022

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