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Post Challengers Entry In BB, Scene Toh Palat Gaya But Only In The Ugliest Way Possible

Post Challengers Entry In BB, Scene Toh Palat Gaya But Only In The Ugliest Way Possible

Ab Scene Paltega!” That’s the Bigg Boss 14 tagline, right? Well, we’d have to give it to the makers for doing everything in their power to justify it. From the concept of Toofani seniors to a fake finale, they have literally put their very lives and souls into the show this year. Sadly, despite all the crazy twists and turns, there wasn’t much of the claimed scene altering content that the show could generate. Well, until recently. 

The entry of new challengers in the Bigg Boss 14 house seems to have drastically altered the entire Bigg Boss house vibe. I mean you wouldn’t expect anything less when some of the most notorious of the participants in the Bigg Boss history re-enter the house as contestants, all set to fight for the trophy. 

All this while the Bigg Boss 14 was running at its own pace and suddenly we have Arshi Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan, Vikas Gupta, Manu Punjabi, and Kashmira Shah fighting for their place in the house. Last week has been crazy, to say the least. Clearly, scene palat gaya hai. Unfortunately, that has happened in the ugliest way possible. Here’s everything crazy (and super ugly) that has transpired in the last couple of days:

Arshi Khan’s Constant Provoking


Arshi Khan clearly entered the Bigg Boss house with a set target in mind i.e. Vikas Gupta. However, Arshi has been so fixated on the target that she has absolutely lost the plot and also her sense of boundaries. She has been constantly poking Vikas, touching him despite being warned against it, and saying some of the most problematic things to him. In a promo of tonight’s episode, she can be seen indirectly taunting Vikas about his sexuality. For those who might not be aware, the producer recently came out as bisexual and has been having strained relationships with his family since then. Arshi is using the same thing against him in the house, in the ugliest way possible. 

Vikas is currently miffed that Arshi has been touching him despite being warned against it and that Bigg Boss isn’t taking any action to address the problem. And while he has mostly ignored the provocation all this while, in the promo he can be seen warning Arshi against her tactics. She is seen sarcastically replying to this and taunting Vikas for going after women since men are apparently out of his reach. As it clearly appears, this is a direct hit on his sexuality.

However, she doesn’t stop just there and is also seen talking about his strained relationship with his mother. All of this is very private and sensitive information and it is really disturbing to see Arshi making a mockery out of it without any interference on the makers’ end. It’s dirty, to say the least.  

Vikas Pushes Arshi


In the latest promo, Vikas can be seen pushing Arshi into the pool after all the provocation from Arshi’s end. Clearly, it’s a no-bars-held kinda season now and the contestants are literally not shying away from doing anything, like literally. But then again, the contestants’ agony is obviously the makers’ gain here as they go on circulating the same clip to boost TRPs. Seriously, guys can’t you see the ugliness of it all?

Rahul Constantly Asking Women To Wash His Clothes


So apparently Rahul Mahajan is very funny and entertaining this time around. The host himself was seen saying so in last night’s episode. However, what we don’t find at all entertaining is how he is constantly asking Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant to wash his clothes and also getting it done. What’s even worse is that all of it is being projected like a hilarious joke. But seriously, how is this funny? A grown-ass man asking random women to wash his clothes. What is this archaic content?

Amid all the plot turns, perhaps the Bigg Boss makers should also start contemplating renaming the show. We also have a fitting name in mind: Circus!

Featured Image: Instagram 

13 Dec 2020

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