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After Last Night’s Episode, We Have Ranked All The Pettiest Fights From Bigg Boss 14

After Last Night’s Episode, We Have Ranked All The Pettiest Fights From Bigg Boss 14

If there was one thing that we wished ended in 2020 itself, it would probably be Bigg Boss 14. We said it earlier and we will say it again, BB 14 might just be the most disappointing season in the entire Bigg Boss history and the petty spats between the gharwalas are making the show even more unbearable.

From bullying a contestant for their looks and background, body-shaming them blatantly, making ageist remarks, to even mocking their food habits, the gharwalas have left no stone unturned to make us cringe with utter disgust. If you thought that the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode and Salman Khan’s harsh words would induce some sense into these contestants, you were clearly mistaken. 

Last night, we saw a series of clashes between the gharwalas, led by Rubina Dilaik, Arshi Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Sonali Phogat, and Rakhi Sawant. While the contestants threw a series of derogatory terms at each other, we wondered if the entire screaming competition even made any sense. I mean, can someone please let the gharwalas know that shouting unnecessarily is ‘annoying’ and is not ‘content’? Needless to say, the audience might have just witnessed one of the most meaningless episodes of Bigg Boss 14 yesterday. Come to think of it, this isn’t the first time when this season’s contestants made such big issues out of nothing. Season 14 has been full of petty fights and ICYMI, we have ranked all of them right here!

#7 Kavita Kaushik vs Eijaz Khan


Kavita Kaushik had entered the Bigg Boss house to spread love and positive vibes. So, either we heard it wrong or Kavita had a completely different understanding of ‘love and peace’ because her stint on BB 14 was anything but peaceful. Her first fight with Eijaz Khan made us wonder what was the actress even fighting about. Was it regarding her duties in the house, Eijaz’s dominating behaviour, the chicken she cooked for him, or the fact that she didn’t consider him a friend?

Sorry, we couldn’t hear the actual reason because of all the unnecessary screaming.

#6 Rubina Dilaik vs Rahul Vaidya


“Ek tha raja, ek thi rani…” and we will spare you the rest because Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik’s kahani aka their rivalry is definitely not ending in this season. However, their fight during one particular captaincy task where they acted as King and Queen certainly served as one of the pettiest fights of Bigg Boss 14.

While the task didn’t reach any conclusion, their baseless spat for no reason at all did conclude that the audience had successfully wasted an hour from their day on them.

#5 Pavitra Punia vs Eijaz Khan


Were they fighting or were they falling in love? We don’t know about that but we surely know that almost an entire episode was dedicated to the petty clash of ego between Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia. The lovebirds perhaps acted as the worst sanchalaks of BB 14 and wasted an entire day by not arriving on the same page. And honestly, as an audience, we did not sign up for that! 

#4 Kavita Kaushik vs Rubina Dilaik


Thandi aurat, sabko thanda kar diya, ghar ko thanda kar diya, pati toh hai hi thanda,” said Kavita Kaushik along with many other derogatory things to Rubina Dilaik. Why, you may ask? Because Rubina made the grave error of asking if her injured hand needed medical attention.

Needless to say, the FIR actress had a unique way of responding to concern and we wonder if we will get a refund for the time we wasted on this illogical fight. No? Okay!

#3 Arshi Khan vs Vikas Gupta


Last night we saw Arshi Khan using all the derogatory words in her vocabulary for Rubina Dilaik for absolutely no reason at all. But wait, can we expect anything else from the contestant who crossed all the limits and continously bullied Vikas Gupta? Yes, we are talking about the time when she mentally pushed Vikas to the extent that he, in retaliation, pushed her in the swimming pool.

From talking about someone’s family, body, looks, to even backgrounds, Arshi Khan can be officially declared as the most controversial gharwala of Bigg Boss 14 and former contestants like Diandra Soares, Kamya Punjabi, and Shefali Bagga agree. Here’s what they tweeted after last night’s episode:

#2 Jasmin Bhasin vs Rakhi Sawant


Touching someone without their permission, being mean to them intentionally, and later going tone-deaf on their mistakes are signs of pettiness. And yes, we are talking about Jasmin Bhasin who did all of the above mentioned things with Rakhi Sawant without an ounce of regret. Her lack of compassion while hurting Rakhi with a duck cap makes her fight, undoubtedly, one of the pettiest fights of Bigg Boss 14

#1 Jasmin, Nikki & Rubina vs Rakhi Sawant


While Jasmin led the team of bullies, Nikki Tamboli and Rubina Dilaik participated and contributed to the shameful event equally. We are talking about the incident where the trio made fun of Rakhi’s surgeries and brutally treated her as an inferior. Shockingly, Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya were the ones who were enjoying the nasty show instead of stopping it. The fight was not just the pettiest fight of Bigg Boss 14, but downright indecent and inhuman.

Well, we hope that gharwalas don’t stoop down lower than this and give us some content that’s actually worth watching!

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06 Jan 2021

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