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Rahul Vaidya Thinks Jaan Is In The BB House Because He Is ‘Someone’s Son’ & Twitter Agrees

Rahul Vaidya Thinks Jaan Is In The BB House Because He Is ‘Someone’s Son’ & Twitter Agrees

The recent happenings in the Bigg Boss 14 house have certainly augmented the nepotism debate that had rocked the Indian entertainment industry in the past few months and was just beginning to wane. And while Shehzad Deol might have been conveniently eliminated from the Bigg Boss 14 house, he surely has catalysed the topic both inside the house and outside it. 

A conversation that started outside the Bigg Boss house after Shehzad’s elimination now seems to have found its way inside as well. In last night’s nomination task, where contestants were asked to name each other in open voting, Rahul Vaidya decided to go after Jaan Kumar Sanu. He quoted nepotism as his major problem against Jaan and said, “I hate nepotism. All the contestants are here because of their own hard work, Jaan is here because he is someone’s son. He doesn’t have any personality of his own,” he said while nominating him. 

And while Jaan tried to maintain his cool, he couldn’t contain it for long and was heard saying “I am fortunate to be the son of Kumar Sanu.” Now given that Jaan is friendly with almost everyone in the house, the other housemates were quick to react to the use of the ‘N’ word. However, Jasmin Bhasin asked everyone to calm down by saying, “It is his opinion. It doesn’t mean that we think like him.”


Now Jaan’s mom, Rita Bhattacharya, has reacted to Rahul’s ‘nepotism’ remark and has called it a ’very insulting and disrespectful statement’ in interaction with media daily. Condemning the comment, she said, “If Rahul feels that Jaan is in the show because of nepotism then how come they are both on the same platform right now? If according to Rahul there is a difference between the insider and outsider then how come he is on the same platform where my son is? Jaan’s father Kumar Sanu has sung almost 23,000 songs till now so being his son he must have at least sang 23 songs in the industry with his father’s support. But aisa nahi hai kyunki Jaan ne jo kuch bhi achieve kiya hai apni badolat aya hai. (But it isn’t so because whatever Jaan has achieved, he has done it on his own),” she said.

She further added, “My eldest son is an engineer. My second son is a renowned graphic designer in his industry. And my Jaan is also equally qualified but he also had an interest in music. We pray for Music in our family. Kumar Sanu’s name is not easy, please don’t make it easy by taking his name out of insecurities. Jaan has also set his own standard and you can’t deny it. You can’t take away his talent, hard work, and achievements by using one word and that is nepotism. I only have one piece of advice for Rahul and that’s smart and intelligent but also honest in life. With due respect, I would like to say my other two sons are better singers than Rahul Vaidya, forget about Jaan. But they are not in public as they don’t want to.”


Okay, Jaan’s mom might be really mad at Rahul but the fact is that he has actually repeated something that is also being discussed outside the BB house. All this while, the audience has been raising questions at the elimination rounds in the first two weeks where the eviction was based on housemates’ votes, something that has never happened in the Bigg Boss history to date. Coincidently (or not), Jaan was nominated and was at the bottom for both of these weeks. 

Also, the fact that Jaan was introduced by Salman Khan in a press conference, way before the Bigg Boss 14 premiere is also not sitting well with the audience. Here’s what the netizens have to say about the ongoing nepotism debate in the Bigg Boss house:








Also, it is important that we respond to Rita’s statement here. She thinks that Jaan and Rahul would not have been together in the Bigg Boss house had nepotism really been involved. Well, let’s consider some basic facts then. Rahul is a self-made man who started his journey to stardom 16 years ago with the first season of Indian Idol. Since then he has worked really hard to make something out of his life and is a celeb today in every sense of the word. 

However, when it comes to Jaan, hardly anyone knew him before his entry in the Bigg Boss house and the crazy PR that has followed since then. In all honesty, he was hardly a celeb before he entered the Bigg Boss house. And despite that, both of them are on the same platform today. Rahul has literally earned his fame, as for Jaan Kumar, the most that we can say is that he is the son of Kumar Sanu. And despite it all, they are today on the same platform with Jaan Kumar being introduced to the audience days before the season premiere. AbKuch toh log kahenge na!

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26 Oct 2020

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