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Mental Health, What’s That? All The Bullying In BB 14 Is Making Us Really Uncomfortable

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jan 4, 2021
Our Heart Goes Out To Rakhi Sawant After The Recent BB Bullying


Trigger warning: Bullying

We don’t need to spell out the kind of damage that bullying can do and how scarred it can actually leave the victim. Sadly, seems like some of the Bigg Boss 14 contestants need to go back to school to learn just that. Bigg Boss is said to be a show about the contestants’ real personalities. And while the initial batch of BB 14 contestants might have been able to maintain a graceful facade till now, their true faces are beginning to show and we are revolted, to say the least. 

Since the challengers’ entry in the Bigg Boss house, the old contestants have assumed a rather aggressive stance as they go on plotting against the newbies. And while during their initial days in the house, they really beguiled us into believing that they are the most sorted people ever. What we are seeing right now is quite a contrast. Rest assured, Jasmin Bhasin is really taking the cake here with her ugly side as she goes on bullying Rakhi Sawant. The entire duck cap incident and how she reacted to Rakhi’s injury is proof enough.

Sadly, instead of calling her out for the blatant bullying and harassment, the old housemates have joined in and can be seen laughing every time she is seen making vicious attacks at Rakhi. That said, she is not the only bully in the house at the moment and host Salman Khan made that very evident in the recent weekend episodes. Here’s a round-up of all the problematic things that are happening in the house right now: 

Ganging Up Against The New Housemates


While it might look like it all started with the Jasmin-Rakhi showdown, the actual problem began with a cunning game plan hatched by Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya. As part of the plan, they have decided to support the old housemates and plotted to throw the challengers out of the house as soon as possible. However, the plan seems to be going out of hand given that it is the new contestants (especially Rakhi Swant) who are currently running the show. 

Also, it is owing to the same strategy that the old contestants are often seen talking about the challengers behind their backs and leaving them out when it comes to task benefits. In fact, Rakhi was hardly given anything from the luxury budget basket that her team won after a task. To add to it, the old contestants also kept eyeing whatever little coffee that she could get from the basket, a nuance that everyone comfortably overlooked when Rakhi reacted after she was asked to share her coffee. The old housemates also plotted against Rakhi and Arshi in a recent task and manipulated Rahul Mahajan into not giving immunity to any one of them even when he had the power to do so. Similarly, Vikas Gupta recently raised problems with the unequal distribution of food into the house.

Rakhi Sawant, The Soft Target 


Jasmin Bhasin is clearly not happy with all the footage that Rakhi is currently getting. And it has been showing in her aggressive body language of late. She has been coming across as a proper bully and the way she went on mocking Rakhi after getting physical with her is proof enough. We think that it is safe to assume, it would have been a real big deal for everyone in the house had someone put that duck head on Jasmin instead of Rakhi.

And despite being told by Bigg Boss that Rakhi has been hurt after what Jasmin did, she went on with her antics and taped a rotten brinjal next to Rakhi’s bed. When Rakhi questioned her about the same, she very arrogantly replied, “You don’t get what you want, you get what you deserve. You might want Aly but you’ll get sada hua baingan.” It was moments after the brinjal incident that Nikki was seen rudely asking her to do all the dishes. This of course escalated into a fight where Rubina, Jasmin, and Nikki were all seen sitting together and laughing at Rakhi as she went on reacting to the insult. Jasmin even went to the extent of commenting on Rakhi’s nose job and teasing her by saying, ‘Naak, gir jayegi.‘ Sadly, all of this kept happening with the entire house watching the blatant bullying and no one except Vikas making an attempt to stop the shit show. 

After all this, when called out by Salman Khan for all the bullying and problematic remarks Jasmin legit went on saying that she was “provoked” to do so which clearly wasn’t the case. Talk about manipulation!

Constantly Talking About Class & Aukat


While Jasmin might want to project that it is Rakhi’s fight with her that might have “provoked” her to turn into a bully, that is actually not the case. Since the day of challengers‘ entry into the house, she has been reacting to the plot twist and expressing her displeasure in problematic ways. Just a couple of days after challengers’ entry into the house, Jasmin had also drawn a shameful comparison between the old contestants and the challengers by referring to them as convent school kids and public school kids respectively. 

And as much as Rubina might want to deny it, she does have a superiority complex and it shows in her entitled behaviour. Her recent fight with Arshi Khan and Sonali Phogat is proof enough and as Rakhi called it out, her constant use of the expression “my house” isn’t helping her case either.

Seriously, it’s hard to believe that these are the same “proper” contestants who kept talking about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in the initial days of the show. It is really disheartening to see these celebs acting like school bullies. But more than that, we are worried about the havoc that all this harassment and bullying might be wrecking on Rakhi’s mental health. Hope some sense is knocked into their heads soon!

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