13 Techie Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will *Really* LOVE!

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  Feb 27, 2017
13 Techie Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will *Really* LOVE!


Valentine’s Day is now done and dusted. But if you want to surprise your boyfriend with gifts he would really like, we have got you covered. Here are a few tech gifts that’ll make him fall for you even more!


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1. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

1 tech gifts

The world’s first smart notebook allows the comfort of traditional pen and paper, and can be instantly transferred to your smartphones. After using Pilot FriXion pens to write in the notebook, you can erase your notes by putting it in your microwave oven. Yes! You heard that right.

Price: Rs 2,596. Buy it here.

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2. All-New Kindle

2 tech gifts

To read books on the go, Kindle is a great gift for any avid reader. It has memory to store thousands of books and its battery can last up to six weeks at a time.

Price: Rs 5,999. Buy it here.

3. CloudWalker Smart TV Stick

3 tech gifts

This small and portable device converts your TV into an Android Smart TV and enables your TV to stream a host of online content. One can download popular Android apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. on your TV with this. It also includes a year’s free subscription to 100+ Live TV channels like Zee, Sony, Times NOW, AajTak, Zoom, MTV, etc.

Price: Rs 4,299. Buy it here.

4. iClever Ultra Slim 3 Color backlight Bluetooth Keyboard

4 tech gifts

A tri-folding portable keyboard that can be used (wired or wireless) with your PC, android and iOS devices. Users are able to choose from red, blue or green, at two brightness levels. These make the keys easily visible, irrespective of external lighting situations.

Price: Rs 5,520. Buy it here.

5. MoArmouz® Portable Car Charger

5 tech gifts

With three charging points, this small and light device will charge anything from your smartphone to your iPad and tablet while you are on the go. It is compatible with most smartphone brands.

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

6. TAGG® T-07 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones

6 tech gifts

Sweat-resistant, wireless headphones come in quite handy for rigorous cardio hours. These earphones come with built-in battery and it eliminates white noise to assure a clean audio experience. 

Price: Rs 1,599. Buy it here.

7. Mi 20000mAH Power Bank

7 tech gifts

For the guy who is always on his phone – business calls, spreadsheets, Clash of Clans – a durable, long-lasting power bank is something he can never thank you enough for.

Price: Rs 2,198. Buy it here.

8. Smartphone Kickstand

8 tech gifts

An efficient accessory, you can get this kickstand which holds iPhones, iPads and even Samsung smartphones in a horizontal position. It has great reviews online, so just shop away!

Price: Rs 1,360. Buy it here.

9. ZAPCASE Ultra Slim Wireless Optical Mouse

9 tech gifts

This sleek and cute wireless designer mouse which is available in different unconventional prints is something your guy will find adorable and yet very useful!

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

10. iVoltaa VONGENX Selfie Stick

10 tech gifts

To make your memories even more memorable, this selfie stick will stand in good stead for your boyfriend, if he loves clicking photos!

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

11. Memore Portable Mini 16 LED Selfie Light

11 tech gifts

Compatible with most smartphones, this mini camera flash and fill-in light with adjustable brightness helps you click high quality photographs very conveniently.

Price: Rs 175. Buy it here.

12. Fitbit

12 tech gifts

If your partner is trying to get fit and keep a close watch on his calorie count, then a Fitbit takes him one step closer towards achieving his goals. It monitors one’s active minutes, sleeping pattern and advises on reasonable calorie intake for a given day. 

Price: Rs 11,999. Buy it here.

13. GoPro Hero+ Action Camera

13 tech gifts

An adventurous camera for the adventurous boyfriend. This camcorder lets you record 8MP images, is water resistant and can be instantly connected to your phone, tablet and social media. If you really want to splurge, you can go for this one, girls!

Price: Rs 31,111. Buy it here.

Which one do you plan to gift him?