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Chamomile Tea Might Be Your Answer For Clear, Radiant Skin!

Chamomile Tea Might Be Your Answer For Clear, Radiant Skin!

If you ask me, there is something about aromatic floral teas that’s just so soothing. I make myself a cup every night before going to bed, and to be honest, from the assortment lying in my kitchen, I almost always pick chamomile tea. The subtle gold colour, the floral aroma, the calming effect – what’s not to love? And since all of our curious minds and health conscious selves are always on the lookout for healthy food and drinks, I decided to delve a bit deeper into the benefits of chamomile tea, my night-time beverage. And ladies, I found so much treasure there. Turns out, chamomile tea has multiple skin and hair benefits, and this beverage is doing me more good than I’d expected. Read on and you’ll surely want to stock up your kitchen with this tea if you haven’t already.

Table of Contents

  1. For Skin:
  2. For Hair:

For Skin:

1. Sleeping Beauty

We ALL need beauty sleep. After all, it is when we snooze that our skin begins to repair itself, and gets refreshed. This floral tea is a caffeine-free one – it soothes the nerves, calms the nervous system and helps you sleep better. Therefore, it’s best to drink it just before you hit the sack.

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2. Treats Acne



This magical tea has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Therefore, apart from drinking it, you can also apply it topically on any active acne, scars or blemishes.

3. Bid Goodbye To Dark Circles

The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea also help reduce the appearance of dark circles and any puffiness in the undereye area. All you have to do is chill some used chamomile tea bags and place them over your eyes for 10-15 minutes. You will see the difference within minutes!

4. Brightens Skin


This also works as an instant pick-me-up for your skin. Dip some cotton in chamomile tea and dab it all over your face. This will not only act as a natural bleach for your skin but will also give it a lovely glow. Want to brighten up your complexion? A chamomile tea splash on the face is your answer.


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5. Soothe That Sunburn

No need to panic the next time you come back from your beach vacay with sunburns all over. Just brew some chamomile tea and leave it to chill in the refrigerator. Next, dip a towel in the tea and dab it on the sunburnt area. This will soothe the affected area and treat the sunburn.

6. A Magical Anti-Ageing Food


This tea is a powerhouse with loads of antioxidants. Using it on your face will protect your skin from any free-radical damage, accelerate the growth and regeneration of skin cells and tissues, and also tighten pores! Now isn’t this just the anti-ageing ingredient you’ve been looking for?


7. A Natural Cleanser

Be it healing, cleansing or moisturising the skin, chamomile take works as a great skincare ingredient. Use it topically on your face, with some cotton or simply splash it on the face, and watch your skin glow like never before.

8. Face Scrub Fix


Wondering how this tea can work as an exfoliant for your skin? Blend some powdered milk in camomile tea and apply it on your face and body. Later, scrub this off and say hello to radiant skin. It sloughs off dead skin cells and brings to the surface fresh looking, glowing skin.

9. Zap That Skin Irritation

For any part of your skin that’s itchy or if you have eczema, apply some chamomile tea and watch its anti-inflammatory properties work their magic. Do this twice a day to see quick results.


For Hair:

1. Controls Dandruff


Any scalp irritation or dandruff issues can also be taken care of chamomile tea. It works as a cleansing and moisturising agent for your hair and scalp. All you have to do is use it as your final rinse after washing your hair. Do this twice a week, and you will see a difference soon!

2. Enriches Hair Colour And Shine

If you have dark hair, a chamomile tea and henna mix can give your beautiful highlights. The bleaching properties in this tea also work their magic on blonde hair by making is radiant and bright. Chamomile tea hair wash, anyone?

3. Hair Moisturiser, anyone?



A chamomile tea rinse acts as the perfect moisturiser for the hair. Instead of conditioning your hair after using shampoo, swap and use chamomile tea instead. This will give your hair a lovely lustre and over time, it also provides the mane with a healthy golden sheen. Give it a shot right away!

22 Feb 2018

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