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Say Goodbye To Greys: These Root-Touch Up Hair Products Are Seriously Impressive

Say Goodbye To Greys: These Root-Touch Up Hair Products Are Seriously Impressive

We have a love-hate relationship with grey hair, don’t we? While the greying of hair is a natural process that happens with everyone, it should most definitely not define us! Because at the end of the day, it is just a change in colour pigment. So, if you are someone who is happy to let nature take its course and don’t mind rocking that salt and pepper look, kudos to you!

But a lot of us wish to use magical products to hide the fact that greys have made their debut on our heads. We often reach for coveted hair dyes, coloured hair sprays, and even henna to cover them up as soon as they appear or start showing up again. 

A more professional way to hide your greys is by getting them dyed at a salon. Since most of them are closed for the foreseeable future or even if they are open, we fear coming back home with Miss Rona. So we’re opting for easier, faster, at-home ways to do them.

Don’t Uproot, Touch Up Your Roots!

Grey hair, we shouldn’t care!


But if you do care about covering them up, a root touch-up product works wonders. And no, they’re not just for bleached or dyed hair! We’ve rounded up some of the best root concealers aka touch-up products you can grab online:

Or you can let your grey grow out and rock them as natural highlights ❤️

Camouflage Them

Don’t let those greys spoil your mood today. Leave that job to your man. Use this tiny kit to instantly cover up and conceal your grey roots. The formula is non-sticky and all it takes are 2-3 strokes into your hair for it to work its magic.

You can also carry it around with you for an instant root touch-up!


For Golden/Blonde Hair

We know that you paid a bomb to get your hair dyed to blonde. So, do not let those premature greys spoil your look. We’ve found you the perfect spray that will help you cover up your greys, keeping the golden-blonde colour intact. 

A More Affordable Way

If you want a temporary solution to cover your grey hair, before its actually safe for salon visits, we’ve got you(r roots) covered. It is super affordable and its herbal formula makes it a little different from the other contenders mentioned. It’ll cover up your hair back to a beautiful, natural brown shade in no time.

Spray For Magic

A tiny spray that instantly covers greys and makes your hair turn into the black beauty it actually is? Umm, yes! Just spray it over your grey hair roots and you’re good to go.


Just like you use a concealer stick to conceal your blemishes on your skin, use this root concealer to conceal greys! This temporary concealer stick will add a more natural touch to your scalp and if you feel it’s looking too waxy, use a tiny comb or a spoolie brush and comb it inwards.


Root Touch Up Powder

If you have a huge patch on your forehead or a chunk of hair that’s just white, you’ll love this. Just shake the container and dust off this powder on the desired area and voila, grey, gone!

Did you know you can use a root touch up spray to conceal your hair extensions too? Here’s how you can use it:

Which one are you going to try out first?

Featured Image: YouTube/Pinterest

12 Aug 2020

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