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9 Heartwarming Movies That Capture The Ups And Downs Of Parenthood

9 Heartwarming Movies That Capture The Ups And Downs Of Parenthood

Parenting is equal parts heartwarming and beautiful, and messy and chaotic. But that’s the essence of this journey. Interestingly, the trials and triumphs of parenthood have been captured time and again in movies and television shows. From romcoms about coming to terms with unexpected pregnancies to poignant explorations about the true meaning of being a good and supportive parent, you can find a variety of parenting movies to pick from.

So whether you are a, expecting parent, a new one, or just someone looking for heartwarming films to watch, check out this list of must-watch realistic movies on parenthood that serve as a perfect escape. 

9 Must-watch Parenting Movies

Good Newzz (2019) 

This comedy features B-town superstars Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani, and Diljeeth Dosanjh as two couples trying to have a baby via in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Both families are polar opposites of each other, but their lives become intertwined after a fateful mix-up at the IVF clinic. Due to a blunder made by the doctor, their sperm samples get mixed up, and the women get pregnant with the baby of the other person, instead of their husband.

Then follows chaos, a lot of funny fights, some serious ones too, but in all of it, the movie captures perfectly the emotional well-being of expecting parents, and the stress women go through during pregnancy. 


Knocked Up (2007)

Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl make a formidable comedy team, and this rom-com is the perfect evidence. Jobless and lazy Ben (Rogen) meets successful and ambitious Alison (Heigl), and the two have a one-night stand. They go their separate ways the next day, only to reunite after a few weeks when Alison discovers she is pregnant. The story then follows the two adjusting to this news and trying to figure out a life together. The hilarious movie also resulted in a spin-off sequel, This is 40, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting (2012)

If you are a fan of Gary Marshall’s multi-story drama, where a number of stories on the same theme run simultaneously, then you are going to love this one! Based on the popular 1984 pregnancy guide, this movie follows five couples and their lives as they navigate the highs and lows of surprise parenthood. It stars A-list Hollywood actors including Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Chase Crawford, Dennis Quaid, Brookly Decker, and more.

Salaam Namaste (2005)

You know those Saif Ali Khan movies where he plays the role of an affable, worry-free guy who gets thrown into a situation where he has to take sudden responsibility? Well, this movie is a prime example of that. Here, Saif plays Nikhil, who is a chef aspiring to open his restaurant. He meets a medical student and part-time RJ Amber (Preity Zinta), and they soon fall in love. They also get a house together to see if they are compatible, but an unplanned pregnancy throws a wrench in their plans. Nikhil doesn’t respond well to this news and breaks up with Amber. The two however have a tenancy agreement, which requires them to stay under the same roof for a year, and that’s how they start to sort out their differences and finally accept the new reality.

Life As We Know It (2010)

Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel) have hated each other ever since they went on a blind date. But just when they thought their paths won’t cross again, the couple gets handed over the custody of their friend’s orphaned baby. As the two settle into this new reality, they find themselves warming up and even falling in love. The story shows everything from learning to take care of the child, differencing in raising the little one, and also sorting out differences to provide the best support to the baby.


We Are Family (2010)

This film is an official remake of the film Stepmom, released in 1998. It stars Maya (Kajol) and Aman (Arjun Rampal), who are divorced but remain close to their children. When Aman introduces his family to his new girlfriend Shreya (Kareena Kapoor), they don’t take it well. But when Maya is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Aman breaks up with Shreya and comes back home. Maya knows that he is in love with Shreya, and ensures that she is welcomed into their lives, and is accepted by her children too.

Masoom (1983)

In this movie, DK (Naseeruddin Shah) and Indu (Shabana Azmi) lead a seemingly blissful life with their two daughters until they discover DK has a son, as a result of an affair when his wife was pregnant with their first child. As the illegitimate son’s mum passes away, he comes to live with the family, and of course, Indu doesn’t take it well. But does she overcome this trial and accept Rahul as a part of their family? Watch the movie to find out!

Father Of The Bride (1991)

This one’s a classic, which stars Steve Martin in the role of the titular father of the bride, who is having a hard time letting his daughter go. The movie follows Martin’s antics who is trying to deal with the fact that his little girl is all grown-up now and ready for marriage. Then there is over-the-top arrangements, frantic wedding planning, and also Steve Martin acting out. 

Parenthood (1989)

This is also a Steve Martin classic where he and Mary Steenburgen play parents to three children, including a baby Joaquin Phoenix. Martin is a salesman who is trying his best to strike a balance between his family and career. All he wants in life is to be a supportive father to his children. The movie explores the real issues and complexities of parenthood, and how in the end, everything falls into place.


These heartwarming parenting movies capture the true essence of parenthood, which is a journey filled with all kinds of emotions and adversities. While some tug at your heartstrings, others make you aware of the trials and tribulations of parenthood through comedy. Nonetheless, they are a must-watch, whenever you seek some inspiration.

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