XOXO: 7 Makeup Looks We’d Love To Steal From The ‘OG’ Cast Of Gossip Girl

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Mar 6, 2020
XOXO: 7 Makeup Looks We’d Love To Steal From The ‘OG’ Cast Of Gossip Girl

Hey Upper East Siders! By now I’m pretty sure that you have heard the hottest gossip in town that Gossip Girl is coming back! Well, not with the original cast but the iconic show is getting a reboot and we’d be lying through our teeth if we say that we aren’t psyched about it.

Apart from the setting friendship goals, giving us epic fashion moments and the drama (the drama mama in me cannot wait to see what the new series has in store!), the lead cast also gave us makeup goals for daysss!

Makeup Lessons We Learned From The Spectacular Cast Of Gossip Girl

Serena and Blair were always on point, whether it was their ultra-chic outfits or flawless makeup. And not just #BlairAndSerena, we can definitely learn a thing or two about makeup from the stunning cast of Gossip Girl.

Minimal is Magic

When not plotting a fabulous scheme on how to bring her nemesis down, Serena Van Der Woodsen was busy slaying. Throughout the show, she rocked the *no makeup* makeup look. Just a swipe of gloss, barely-there eyeshadow and loose curls – how can someone look so stunning all the freaking time?

Although Serena barely experimented with her makeup looks, her hairstyles were always the talk of the town- agreed? 

Lipstick Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Leave it to Blair to always seduce Chuck Bass (and us) with the most stunning pout! Blair was barely seen without a swipe of lipstick or a gloss and this beautiful picture basically sums it up!

PS: Are you a gloss or a lipstick girl?

Black Makes Everything Better

Jenny was the underdog of the show (or was she?). I personally think that Jenny deserved so much better. But enough about her character.

Throughout the show, Jenny was the one whose makeup game elevated from *cute girl next door* to *don’t mess with me* in a matter of a few episodes. And honestly, my inner goth girl really appreciated those over the top smokey eyes and lips!

Gloss Is Always A Fab Idea

“Lipstick lasts longer but gloss is more fun” – Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Well, that explains why Serena was barely seen without a swipe of her fave gloss. Didn’t you hear, gloss is making a huge comeback! 

A Flush Of Blush Never Hurt Nobody

If you’re a true Gossip Girl fan, then you must know that the character of Blair was supposed to be short-lived but the fans fell in love with her sassiness and the rest is history.

Blair and casual cannot be used in one sentence ever, even when she was *casually* walking down the street, she was adorned in the likes of brands I can only imagine of having but it was her rosy cheeks that always caught my eyes first! Along with her signature loose curl look, Blair always had a pinky flush on her cheeks and honestly, I think she turned it into a trend. What do you think?

When In Doubt, Just Wing It

You may hate her (or love her?), but you cannot ignore her (and those stunning silver eyes of her!). The evil girl, Georgina Sparks barely took a breather on the show as she was always making the lives hard around the people around her. But honestly, I lived for her makeup looks. She always had a kohl liner in her eyes and she made #WingedLiner popular when it was not such a big thing!

A Nude Lip Goes With Everything

The last (and definitely the least), Vanessa Abram! I hated her more than I hate my ex. I still do not understand what was she doing on the show, but she did teach us one thing, the power of nudes!

Vanessa was the *simple* next door girl who was always jealous of everyone and everything. She was always busy chasing Dan (girl, haven’t you seen YOU?). Vanessa barely wore any makeup, just a swipe of a nude lipstick whenever required and I think she pulled it off quite beautifully!

Gossip Girl- the show that just keeps on giving!
Which one of these was your favourite #GossipGirlCharacter? Do tell! 

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