10 Best Liquid Eyeliners That We Are TOTALLY Crushing On Right Now!

Simranpreet KaurSimranpreet Kaur  |  Mar 25, 2019
10 Best Liquid Eyeliners That We Are TOTALLY Crushing On Right Now!


Be it a classic eyeliner, a cat-eye or something as new as thumbprint eyes, you cannot undermine the precision that liquid eyeliners lend to your look. For most of us, liquid eyeliner is also the first tryst we’ve had with make-up. Here are my picks for choosing the best liquid eyeliner that I love and am hoping you do too! Let’s paint, ladies.

10 Amazing Liquid Eyeliners

Choose The Right Liquid Eyeliner

Applying Liquid Eyeliners

The Best Liquid Eyeliners For A Dazzling Eye Makeup

Going to buy a liquid eyeliner? Confused which one is the best? Here are the 10 best liquid eyeliners that we are totally crushing on and you will surely love them too.

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1. Nykaa Get Winged! Sketch Eyeliner – BLACK SWAN 01


This is a recent find and I am already recommending this liquid eyeliner pen to people. Apart from the amazing formula, this has an innovative slanted felt tip that has made my life easier. I am NOT an artist so a cat-eye hasn’t been something that I try at all, but now I can do it!


  • Fine tip to get thick or thin any kind of wing
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Rubber grip for easy application


  • Runny consistency

Price: ₹450. Buy Now

2. LAKMÉ Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner – Liquid Gold


It’s festive and the wedding season is around the corner, but there are some days when you just can’t muster enough zeal to do a complete eye look. I get it. If you too want to cheat, swipe a thick line of this beautiful gold eyeliner. Line your waterline with kohl and you’re good to go!


  • Highly pigmented
  • Dries quickly
  • Affordable


  • Ingredient list not mentioned

Price: ₹450. Buy Now

3. M.A.C Superslick Liquid Eyeliner


When I started using liquid eyeliners, I started with brown (I wanted to be perfect. Sue me!). Anyway, this eyeliner was my holy grail, it was the perfect sheer brown that lent definition to my eyes without any stark lines.


  • Best liquid eyeliner for beginners
  • Long wearing
  • Smooth application


  • Too drying
  • Can get flaky

Price: ₹2100. Buy Now

4. ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner – BLACK


Yes, this one is the reason why eyeliners are a part of my everyday look. The smudge-proof formula and the super fine applicator has my heart. I know it is a little steep price-wise but this is an eyeliner tattoo once you put it on. You end up using little product and the bottle lasts for SO long. Plus you could save the applicator and use it as an eyeliner brush later on. It’s got a lot of wins really.


  • Lasts longer
  • Gives intense pigmentation


  • Drier than other brands

Price: ₹2150. Buy Now

5. NYX Professional Makeup White Liquid Liner


Hear me out. This is white, chalk white, yes I know. Do not wear this by itself (seriously, been there done that, and never doing it again), but trust me, this is a must-have. It is a beautiful base for those times when you want your sheer eyeliner color to pop. Because it is liquid and dries quickly, it becomes an ideal canvas.


  • Water resistant
  • Matte finish


  • You have to be super experimental to slay this shade

Price: ₹575. Buy Now

6. MILANI Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eyeliner – BLACK


Honestly, as much as I would love to experiment there is something about a felt-tip that gives me security when doing a cat-eye. What I love about this eyeliner is the thick tip and body. A bold or heavy eye make-up look is easily achievable within minutes.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to apply applicator

Price: ₹1000. Buy Now

7. Nykaa GLAMOReyes Liquid Eyeliner


There is nothing better than a colored eyeliner to amp up your look. This one is a godsend for lazy days. One swipe of this pretty purple and you’re good for your brunch date!


  • Inexpensive
  • Amazing consistency
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Nice staying power
  • Waterproof

Price: ₹299. Buy Now

8. The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner


This is one of the best eyeliner for sensitive eyes. Even if you wear contact lenses, it will be the right pick for you. This eyeliner has a thick consistency that does not make the eyeliner run on your face and stays in place while you are applying it.


  • Stays for a long time
  • Gives intense stroke


  • Limited shades

Price: ₹895. Buy Now

9. Kiko Milano Definition Waterproof Eyeliner


The is one of the best liquid eyeliner that you can get in various colors and at such an amazing price. The applicator of this eyeliner is so good and has a fine tip that makes the application easy and precise.


  • Creamy texture
  • Highly pigmented
  • Smudge-proof


  • Stays on for 6-7 hours

Price: ₹790. Buy Now

10. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Liquid Eyeliner


This Bobbi Brown long wear liquid eyeliner has an amazing consistency and using its applicator, you can create any kind of wing be it thick or thin. It is formulated with multidimensional shimmer that gives a glam touch to the overall look.


  • Contains shimmer
  • Does not set in fine lines
  • Does not dry too fast
  • Water resistant


  • Expensive

Price: ₹2350. Buy Now

How To Choose The Right Liquid Eyeliner?

To choose the right liquid eyeliner for yourself, you need to keep a few things in your mind. Here have a look at such tips.

1. Always buy a water-resistant eyeliner when you are opting for a liquid eyeliner. You never know when it will be a humid or hot day that can make the eyeliner run down your face. Also, if you wear contact lenses, then you must use the best waterproof eyeliner as it is the perfect eyeliner for sensitive eyes.
2. While choosing the eyeliner and testing it, always draw a line at the back of your hand. If the stroke goes smoothly, then you will get an idea about how this product will work on your eye.
3. If you are going for a colorful liquid eyeliner, then make sure the neutrals like brown and black go for daily wear, and the bold shades like blue, green etc are perfect to glam up the look.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

Applying liquid eyeliner seems a big task to many people, well it actually is a difficult thing, but if you will follow some easy tips and steps, then you will soon become a pro at it. Here have a look at some of these tips.

  • Get yourself the best liquid eyeliner for beginners and as you will start applying the waterproof liquid eyeliner, rest your elbows on a table or a slab in front of the mirror. Make sure to keep your arm steady and then go ahead!
  • Line the area with a pencil eyeliner first and then go with the liquid eyeliner to get the seamless finish.
  • Always apply eyeshadow first, otherwise, you will mess up everything by applying liquid eyeliner before eyeshadow.
  • If you want that perfect winged eyeliner in one go then you can even get yourself an eyeliner stencil that will surely help.
    Let your eyes do the talking, we are listening!


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