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How to apply eyeliner to get it just right

How to apply eyeliner to get it just right

We all know that an eyeliner is that all-essential make-up product for defining your eyes, but what if your hands start shaking the second you pick up that eyeliner pen? Have you seen that girl with the perfect make-up and wondered how to apply eyeliner like a pro? Don’t worry, we have all been there. You try your best to draw a straight line across your lids but you just can’t do it and those trendy cat eyes are straight up impossible? Well, we’re about to change that! Here are some totally awesome (and easy!) tips for people who just can’t get rid of that shaky fingers syndrome. Follow these tips to get your eyeliner just right. 1. Find Your Eyeliner shutterstock_249350506 First of all, before you can even think about perfecting your liner you need to make sure the type of eyeliner that you’re using works for you. So let’s get down to the basics. There are 3 different types of eyeliners you can use – pencil, gel and liquid liner. Pencil liners are the easiest to apply but may not spread as easily, gel liners glide on very easily and sometimes come with a brush to dip in a pot and liquid liners are great for precision but can require lots of practice before you can apply them perfectly. Let’s stay clear of liquid liner for now till you can master those straight lines and flicks for your eyeliner makeup. Pencils and gel liners are great for you as they are much easier to apply and mistakes can be corrected more easily than with liquid eyeliners.
2. Steady Those Hands You hopelessly end up with the question of how to apply eyeliner for your hands shake like a leaf the second your eyeliner touches your skin and you end up looking like it’s been applied by a drunken baby? The solution is super simple - you just need to provide support for your arm to steady your hands. Just rest your elbow on a table or even on the mirror. You can also place your pinky on your cheek at the same time for some extra support. Go on, try it, it REALLY works! 3. Connect The Dots shutterstock_293193209 One super simple trick to try for getting those eyeliner styles perfect is by creating dots along your lash line and then connecting them. You can try the same trick by making dashes as well. It’s perfect to help you master drawing precise lines. 4. Be The Queen Of Smudged Smokey Eyes When you’re using a pencil, take advantage of those little errors and not-so-perfect lines for a smudged look. Instead of starting all over again, if you make a small mistake, just smudge your lines for a subtle smokey eye look. You get plenty of eyeliners with a smudge brush on the other side, which are fabulously handy to have around. We love Colorbar’s Just Smoky Eye Pencil. No one will ever know that the sexy, smudged look was never your intention to begin with. 5. Concealer To The Rescue shutterstock_196439558 If you’re one of those who can never draw their liner without messing it up with wonky lines, then it’s helpful to have your concealer at hand. Instead of taking off all your smudged eyeliner make-up and undoing your hard work, just use a Q-tip dipped in concealer to cover up those errors and draw over it. Pretty simple right? Petroleum jelly also works. Draw a messy line if you like and clean it up by running a Q-tip dipped in petroleum jelly over your lid to sharpen your line.
6. Think About The Thickness The first step in learning how to apply eyeliner is to be careful about how thick you draw on your eyeliner. Ideally, perfect eyeliner should be thinner near the inner corners of your eye and thicker towards the outer corner. Remember to take your time, eyeliner makeup is tricky to get right and rushing it will end in disaster more often than not. 7. When You Desperately Want Those Cat Eyes shutterstock_170832404-2                               Cat eyes are one of the most sought-after eyeliner styles today. If you’ve got a little time on your hands then yes, you can get those cat eyes even if you’re not exactly a pro at drawing straight lines. Once you’ve lined both your eyes, simply draw a small flick extending from the outer corner of your eyes towards the tip of your eyebrow. Connect the tip of your flick to your line and colour it in and repeat the same on the other side. Start small with little flicks and make them bigger and more dramatic once you get the hang of it. If all else fails, you can always try the good old scotch tape trick. Just use two small pieces of scotch tape – one across the lower edge of your eye and one across the upper edge. Fill in the gap in-between both pieces with your liner, slowly remove the tape (be careful not to pull out any lashes) and voila, perfect flicks.
8. Mascara Comes Last As a rule of thumb, remember to always apply your mascara after you have lined your eyes. Putting your mascara on will only lead to even more smudges and mess when you’re trying to draw your lines and fix mistakes. Remember, take a deep breath and don’t rush it. Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: #NotJustKajal: How To Make Your Eyes Look Big and Beautiful! MUST-READ: #ByeByePandaEyes: The Best Under-Eye Creams For Every Budget Published on Sep 15, 2015
Published on Sep 15, 2015
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