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Bold Does It: 10 Dynamic Faux Leather Jackets To Bring An Edge To Your Winter Wardrobe

Bold Does It: 10 Dynamic Faux Leather Jackets To Bring An Edge To Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter allows you to dip your toes into a number of attires that are normally shoved to the back of your closet. For one, leather jackets. If you have been on the lookout for that one perfect version that is versatile, edgy, striking and all that you wish for in a stylish leather jacket for women, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked out some of the best ones for you but before you invest in one, let’s talk about what to look for or expect when picking out a leather garment. 

As a material that is harmful to the environment and doesn’t have a foolproof alternative, leather has had a polarising existence. When you consider the costs at which the material itself is manufactured in tanneries, polluting agents and animal cruelty included, it is a no-no. However, there is an alternative to avoiding it via using faux leather. Whilst not completely foolproof itself, PU leather, imitation leather or pleather, as it’s often called, is cruelty-free and more ethical than its natural counterpart. And because it is still something that isn’t completely biodegradable, the ethical way to invest in it is with a mindset of re-wearing it for years, rather than discarding after a couple of seasons. 


Best Leather Jackets To Shop

And that brings us to our selection of faux leather jackets for women. Go on and take a look.


Faux Leather Belted Moto Jacket

We don’t blame you if you have had the idea of working a biker-chic black leather jacket for ages. Making a strong case for the black iterations is this classy leather jacket for women, comprising the reliable detailed elements that further add to its appeal. Think the standout zippers, the slight sheen and the unmissable belt at the hem. Layer over your basics jeans and tee and see the difference for yourselves!

Faux Leather Biker Jacket

If black biker jackets made an appearance, brown versions couldn’t be far behind, could they! Enter this tan version from the lighter side of the brown palette, paving the way for one of the best women’s leather jackets to cop for the long run. Versatile to the tee, the zipper-detail faux leather jacket comes with a belt to spare and can be teamed with just about anything in your wardrobe, giving your outfit an easy chic update. 


Teal Blue Faux Leather Short Jacket

Black and brown may well be classics but hear us out for this is one of the most stylish leather jackets for women who like to take the non-conformist approach. Featuring a distinctive teal colour, a head-turner for sure, this version comes laden with zip details and a fitted silhouette that gives into a sleek look. Complete with a semi-oversized collar, the faux leather jacket is one to add to your closet pronto. From sweater dresses to coordinated separates, this is one you can pair with a number of outfits to step out in style. 

Mustard Faux Leather Short Jacket

Further in terms of unique colour schemes and those who like to keep it a tad bit different comes this offering, another one of the distinctive leather jackets for women. Devoid of excessive zippers apart from one on the front, the outerwear incorporates panels put together with stitch details. Taking a cropped route, the short jacket is bound to work with going-out outfits, elevating even the simplest of looks by injecting some colour into it.  


Double-Faced Biker Jacket

Okay, we are calling this one in advance! A style that could very well be amongst the best leather jackets for women, this all-black iteration is ideal for the colder months. The normal elements all remain, think the metallic zipper detail in the front and the pockets, the belt that can be removed or worn with it. But added to the mix is also a faux fur lining that extends up to the collar, imparting a fuzzy look and keeping you snug amid the chill. Take it out for a spin with your polo necks and winter boots or add it to your workwear wardrobe for a bold edge. 

Imitation Leather Popover

Even whilst opting for the age-old garment that is supposed to lend an edgy look, there will be those partial to comfort, going slightly off-route even to ensure that the deal is sealed. In such a case and for all those aficionados, this ‘more sweatshirt, less jacket’ offering is worth a look, especially given the ease of wear that it evokes. Drawstrings, a hood to keep that winter chill at bay, cuffs incorporating elastic and details highlighted in even the non-colour—there is a new leather jacket for women in town and you will want in on it. 


Imitation Leather Jacket

More of a fan of a cinched waist look that works every time? We hear you. For those of you who like to keep it more along the chic lines comes this offering. Cue the deep tone of maroon with brown undertones, complete with the classic collar, flap pockets and stitch details. And of course, the belt that gives this longline faux leather jacket for women an easy chic appeal. Trust us, add this to the cart to save for later and work with earrings and heels for a desk to dinner look in the future. 

Navy Blue Solid Biker Jacket

Another one for the lovers of classic tones! If you have been on the lookout for a reliable colour minus the black and brown hues that are ubiquitous, we suggest going for the blue, more specifically, navy. We took the liberty of picking out one from the sea of leather jackets for girls and the result? Minimal zipper details, a classic collar, slight sheen and the perfect faux leather look to don while combating the cold. Wear with a layer of your warm woollen underneath for an even more failsafe winter outing. 


Zip-Front Biker Jacket with Insert Pockets

Neither maximalist nor minimalist might seem like a tough balance to strike but we found one that works along these lines. Made from imitation leather and comprising the details that one looks for, think the metallic zip and classic collar, this olive-hued jacket is a versatile pick for those looking to invest in the best leather jackets for women. The tone-on-tone details incorporate stitch lines that bring together different panels to give it the sleek look. With a rustic appearance, a different colour scheme than you will usually find in the category and that biker-chic edge, this can be paired endlessly with your denim picks and dresses alike.

Solid Jacket

Standing out from the crowd has never been more literal, what with social-distancing being the new term that came into our lexicons this year. However, when it comes to doing that on the sartorial front, a phenomenal leather jacket for girls would be an alternative that champions relatively bright colours, just like our exhibit above. Word of advice though—this one is best left to be teamed with subdued separates. 


More Winter Fashion To Choose From

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09 Nov 2020
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