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Handmade Birthday Gifts Ideas

30+ Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas That Are Sweet, Thoughtful & Super Easy!



Coming up with amazing gift ideas for your special ones is always a task. You know their likes and dislikes and often overthink the gift when it comes to your family and friends. Well, if you’re in a similar situation, we have a few tricks up my sleeve that can help you get you through this! What about handmade birthday gifts? If it sounds complicated, we’ve put together a super-cool list of handmade birthday gifts for sister, handmade gifts for best friend birthday, DIY birthday gifts for dad, DIY gifts for mom’s birthday, homemade birthday gifts for husband, and handmade birthday gifts for brother that’ll have you sorted. 


Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas

diy birthday gifts ideas



It’s time to go back to the old days when handmade cards would do wonders! Scroll ahead for a list of handmade birthday gifts and get going!

  • You can add some grace and personality to an ordinary mirror by using a washi tape. To top it of all, choose a few bright colors and then layer the tape in an equal pattern around the mirror! For the mirror-obsessed millennials, this could be a great DIY birthday gift idea that would make their quarantine birthday a little more beautiful every time they look into the mirror!
  • Message boards are one of the trendiest home decor DIY birthday gifts. You can make this using an old picture frame, a bit of twine, and a few cute colored gift tags, and you’re done!
  • Here’s another amazing homemade gift idea! A key holder that’s functional yet cute and required simple objects such as wooden slabs, acrylic paint, brush, vinyl or stickers, drill, and a few hooks!
  • Fridge magnets work well if you’re looking for homemade gift ideas. All you need is scrapbook paper, mini frames, magnets, a hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, paints & brushes, and you’re all set to go! 

best homemade gifts ideas



DIY Birthday Gift Ideas For Family

Looking for unique homemade gift ideas for your family? Hurray! You’ve landed on the right page! Here are tons of easy handmade birthday gift.

DIY Gifts for Mom’s Birthday

diy Gifts for Mom’s Birthday


A homemade birthday gift for your mother on your mind? Then scroll ahead!

  • To the wonder woman of your life, a personalized dinner plate is a great homemade birthday gift. She can use it as wall art!
  • Ceramic mugs are one of the most useful handmade birthday gifts for your moms to sip her iced chai latte or her morning orange juice in a memorable way! Choose a bright photo and design that matches your mom’s personality and you’re all sorted!
  • Breakfast in bed is a classic gift! So while you’re in the cooking mode, pair it up with a handmade card that comes straight from your heart!
  • An apron is one of the sweetest handmade birthday gifts one can give to their moms! All you need to have is a canvas apron, fabric paint and fabric matching thread.

DIY Birthday Gifts for Dad

homemade birthday gifts for dad


We have curated a list of DIY birthday gifts for your pops to bring a smile to his face! 

  • One of the easiest homemade gift ideas for your dad’s birthday is making him a memory bottle! Fill in the bottle with roled chits of all your special memories and watch him melt into a ball of mush. 
  • A toolbox is like your father’s best friend he just can’t do without it! It’s time to turn the classic Altoids tin into a cute mini toolbox that’ll be a perfect homemade gift idea for holding small items such as nuts, bolts, coins, etc!

DIY gift ideas for dad


  • You can create a coupon booklet filled with amazing *deals* for dads such as 100% off a car wash, free breakfast in bed from kids, etc! He would love this FOSHO!
  • For your tech-savvy dad, you can make him a nice & cool sleeve for his dear gadgets! You can use old clothes & bags and do it up to your dad’s taste.
  • For the grill master of your kitchen, make sure your father cooks & looks handsome in the homemade adjustable apron made by you!

Handmade Birthday Gifts for Sister

Homemade Birthday Gifts for Sister


Despite all the pranks she pulls & tantrums she throws, you know your sister simply deserves the best! So, just to pamper her a little more on her special day, here are all the handmade birthday gifts for sister you should check out RN!

  • For the fashionista of your house, tassel earrings made by you are definitely a great idea. 

homemade birthday gift ideas for sister


  • A cute painted photo holder for your darling sister is one of the most beautiful DIY birthday gifts. But make sure to include some of your favorite pictures of the two of you together!
  • Here’s a great way to add a little extra drama to your plain, long-sleeved tee that she loves stealing from your wardrobe! You can dye the sleeves and the bottom into a contrasting colour for a great gift!
  • Who doesn’t love flowers? Put together a bouquet, fill up a cute bright basket, or add a few onto any handmade gift- however you decide to craft these beautiful fabric blossoms is sure to delight your sister!
  • You can also choose a bead that is of the same colour as the birthstone for your sis and turn it into a jewellery gift for your sister to cherish for a lifetime!

Handmade Birthday Gifts for Brother

diy birthday gifts for brother


For all the times he has spoiled you with the best gifts, it’s time to find that perfect handmade birthday gift for brother! 

  • You can make a beautiful mosaic picture frame for your coolest bro. All you need to have is a few styrofoam plates, cereal box, cardboard, tacky glue, craft paint, scissors, & a paintbrush!

Homemade birthday gifts for brother


  • A mason superhero jar bank will be a lovely gift for your little brother! All you need to have are a few things lying around your home such as regular mouth quart jars, mason jar coin slot lids, cutting mat, knife, yellow & red duct tape, & blue and black spray paint. Every time your brother would save a penny & put it in his bank, he would get reminded of your love. Isn’t that something you want?
  • For your brother who is a book lover, he’d adore a handmade bookmark. 
  • For your frequent flier brother who is a wanderlust, he’d give you blessings to have gifted him map coasters! 
  • If you’re planning to take your creativity a notch further, a couch remote holder is one of the most useful homemade gift ideas for your bro who hates to waste time looking for different remotes! You will need a quilting wadding, the fabric of your choice, and you’re all done!

Homemade Birthday Gifts for Husband

birthday diy gift ideas for husband


Your man is FOSHO going to feel special with a handmade gift from you rather than a store-bought one. Won’t he? We’ve got you covered to spoil your hubby with these amazing DIY birthday ideas for husband! Come on, keep scrolling!

  • Birthdays are incomplete without a cake and baking him one is the most special homemade birthday gift for your darling boo! 
  • A picture scrapbook is one of the most common homemade birthday gifts. You can take your creativity a bit higher by drawing, sticking pictures, writing, and doing all that you did as a kid. 

Diy Birthday Ideas for Husband


  • If your hubby is a great card fanatic, you can make him a set of customized playing cards named ‘30 Reasons I Love You.’ Every card is going to carry a message on the cover, and on the inside, it will be like a normal playing card!
  • If your darling hubby is too lazy to change his phone case, why don’t you give him one made by yourself? You can make it by using washi tape! The best part about these tapes is that they can be easily replaced, so you can create a new funky design whenever you want!
  • For the gadget-maniac, you can make him a ‘sleeve’ for any of his gadgets using faux leather. You can turn one of your old bags into a sleeve, but just make sure to add a cotton lining on the inside to give your gadget that extra padding.

Handmade Gifts for Best Friend

Homemade Birthday Gifts for Best Friend


We are there to help you pick the best handmade gifts for best friend birthday!

  • Dig out all your pictures together & create a collage and frame it. 
  • A last-minute DIY birthday gift is a chill pill bottle! To make this, all you need is a little glass bottle, flavored candies, & a comedy quote to lighten up your friend’s mood every time they’re stressed!

DIY birthday ideas for best friend


  • A crystal-adorned backpack is the perfect birthday DIY gift idea. Go for it!
  • Looking for homemade birthday gift ideas? Painted glasses look super cool. Grab a set of inexpensive tumblers & take them to the next level with some beautiful paint colours. 
  • A great addition to the homemade birthday gift ideas is a pendant necklace! 

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Which of these handmade birthday gift ideas are you going to give a try?! 

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27 May 2021

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