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Flaunt Your Colour With These Gorgeous AF Hairstyles

Flaunt Your Colour With These Gorgeous AF Hairstyles

While many of us experiment with different hair colours and colouring techniques, not many of us are aware that there are certain hairstyles that will enhance our coloured mane all the more. Yes, ladies, now that you’ve chosen the best kind of colour for your tresses, it’s time to choose your hairstyles wisely too. Here are 7 hairstyles for coloured hair that will make you and everyone else fall in love with your locks a tad bit more.


1. Bring on the beach waves


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Beach waves are a glam hairdo by itself, and when done on hair that’s coloured or highlighted, it is all the more impressive looking. Go for it when you’re headed for a date night or a brunch with the girls.

2. Loose and low


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A deep centre parting and a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck – that makes for an effortlessly chic hairstyle. This also makes the colour stand out a bit more. Don’t forget to pull out a few loose strands and let them frame your face for a touch of softness. You can even add a pretty hair accessory like this bejewelled pin to dress up the look.

3. Waterfall wonder


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The waterfall braid looks every bit dreamy. It also highlights coloured hair in the best way possible, if you ask us. Learn how to do it step-by-step, and your mane is sure to get a ton of compliments.

4. Plait up pretty

Side braids look so adorbs! And a little secret we’d like to tell you today is that it looks even more cutesy with coloured hair. The highlighted sections show up abstractly on the plait, making for a beautiful look! Leave a chunk of your hair loose on the other side to make it a look to remember.

5. Braid bonanza

One sightly broad fishtail braid in the centre and two finer braids on either side as the rest of the hair falls free – this sure is a hairstyle so dreamy, and one that you’re going to fall in love with it. It enhances the coloured look even more and it definitely is the right choice of hairdo when heading out for the day with your girlies!

6. Style it on the side

Freshly coloured your hair and want to show it off in front of your friends? Here’s what you can do. Place all your hair over one shoulder first. On the other side, make 3-4 fine braids and finish those up as your reach the other side where the rest of the hair is. It’ll be a look to remember! Secure these braids with some hairspray and bobby pins.

7. Bubble wrap ponytail, anyone?


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Not only does the bubble wrap braid look stunning, it also amps up the coloured hair look to perfection. If you have hair that’s long enough to pull this off, this hairstyle that is made with multiple twisted sections definitely is the one to go for.

04 Sep 2017

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