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5 Hairsprays That Will Keep Your Wedding ‘Do In Place Even As You Dance All Night Long

5 Hairsprays That Will Keep Your Wedding ‘Do In Place Even As You Dance All Night Long

Being a bridesmaid is no joke. Yeah sure, it might seem fun to be a part of the bridal team when it comes to partying it up at the bachelorette or going wedding dress shopping. But if you’re someone who has signed up for being a bridesmaid anytime soon, here’s an advice – buckle up! The true definition of being a bridesmaid translates to carrying the duties of the entire bridal party on your shoulders, ensuring that your bride’s needs are always looked after, and making sure that you emerge looking like the perfect best friend of the bride on D-Day.

So, while you’re carrying your bridesmaid duties out with perfection, you’re going to need to make sure that your hair and makeup stays in place. What if you don’t have enough time for lipstick touch-ups and last-minute hair fixes? While we might only come up with tried and tested tips and tricks to being the best bridesmaid ever, we definitely have the cheat sheet when it comes to anything and everything beauty-related! Here’s one thing to check off your list – below listed is a handpicked selection of the most hard-working hair setting sprays that will keep your hairstyle in place, come what may.

The Hit List

Shinin’ Like No Other

This is a medium hold hair setting spray with a lightweight texture that can keep curly, coily and wavy hair in place for long hours. It also gives your hair a luminous sheen for a naturally smooth texture.

The Humidity Warrier

this hair setting spray by L’Oreal will keep your bridesmaid hairstyle in place for up to 24 hours. Its micro diffusion technology sets your hair in place without leaving any residue at all.

Very Easy On The Pocket

If you’re obsessed with great deals like us, then you’re going to love this one. Gatsby hair setting sprays are the perfect combination of easy on the pocket and get the work done.

One Without The Nasties

This is an alcohol-free, sulfate-free hair setting spray that is specially curated for Indian hair. It defends your hair against pollution, hard water o=and other environmental aggressors while keeping your hairstyle in place.

For The Strongest Hold

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty that works like a charm, this Godrej hair setting spray is the one for you.

Which hair setting spray will be your bridesmaid essential for your bestie’s wedding?

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08 Dec 2021

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