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18 Best Hair Straightening Products That You Need To Own!

18 Best Hair Straightening Products That You Need To Own!

The sleek look is in vogue, ladies. You must have seen your favourite celebs slaying the look at every major red carpet event. And it’s not that difficult to get this uber chic look! Especially when you have the assistance of products and tools that will make your rebellious locks look smooth, sleek and glossy. So, here have a look at the assistance of hair straightening products list that is specially compiled for you.

Best Hair Straightening Products 

Tired of frizzy hair? Love straight locks? Here we’ve compiled the ultimate arsenal of hair straightening products. It’s time to slay that sleek look!


1. Streax Hair Serum

1 hair straightening products

To make your straight locks look shiny and smooth, use this serum. It’s enriched with walnut oil that will make your strands stronger and give your mane that frizz-free and smooth feel. Get a glam look with this amazing hair serum.


Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

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2. Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush

2 hair straightening products

It’s a flat iron AND it’s a hairbrush! How cool is that? Straightening your hair is now going to be as easy as brushing it is. Get dreamy tresses with this ceramic hair straightening brush and flaunt your gorgeous look in style!


Price: Rs 1000. Buy it here.

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3. L’Oreal X-Tenso Straightening Hair Cream

3 hair straightening products

Want that salon-straight look? Then you might want to grab the best hair straightening cream. This cream transforms frizzy, curly and wavy hair to silky, smooth and shiny tresses. You can get the straight and shiny hair you’ve always wanted with this fab hair straightening cream duo. Apply them both as per the instructions for long-lasting results.


Price: Rs 850. Buy it here.

4. Matrix Opticare Straight Smoothing Conditioner

hair straightening products 4


To smoothen your dry and damaged hair, this conditioner by Matrix will make your rebellious locks super soft. To get that perfect sleek look, it’s important for your hair to be smooth and frizz-free. Now, you can achieve that look with this conditioner. Get ready to slay your hair game, ladies!

Price: Rs 480. Buy it here.


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5. Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

5 hair straightening products


Treat your frizzy hair from the roots, with the help of this shampoo by Organix. It will strengthen your locks and give it a soft and smooth texture. This shampoo consists of avocado oil and cocoa butter that helps smoothen your hair cuticles and nourish them thoroughly!

Price: Rs 725. Buy it here.


6. Gliss Total Repair Heat Protection Spray Hair Styler

6 hair straightening products

Before you use any kind of hair styling tool, it’s extremely important for you to protect your hair from the heat. This spray has a heat-protectant formula that will provide moisture to your locks and reduce the frizz as well. Spray it evenly on towel dried hair and you’re good to go!


Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

7. VG 3100 V&G Hair Dryer

7 hair straightening products


If you have wavy or curly hair, it’s better to blow-dry your freshly washed hair. It will help dry your hair properly so that the process of straightening it becomes easier. Also, if you already have slightly straight hair, you can always just blow-dry your strands using a rotating brush.

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Price: Rs 1509. Buy it here.

8. Streax Pro Hair Straightener Cream Mild – 1

8 hair straightening products


This hair straightener cream by Streax will help you get smooth and glossy strands. It contains organic silicon solvents that will strengthen your hair from the root to tip. Use this cream to get straighter and stylish hair, ladies!

Price: Rs 270. Buy it here.


9. L’Oreal Paris Thermo Straightening Cream Hair Styler

9 hair straightening products

This product will help make your hair smooth and will also protect it from the heat. Get that perfect silky and smooth finish with this fab product. Also, get rid of the frizz that prevents your hair from having that gorgeous shine!


Price: Rs 688. Buy it here.

10. Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush

10 hair straightening products


Get shiny straight hair with this non-electric brush by Vega. It is perfect for straightening your hair while you blow dry – the ceramic plates allow the warm air from your blow dryer to circulate properly, achieving that super sleek look.

Price: Rs 650. Buy it here.


11. Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque

11 hair straightening products

The secret to soft hair is treating it before you even step into the shower. This hydrating mask calms and soothes your scalp – be it dry or oily and makes your hair smooth. It treats your roots and leaves you with glossy strands.


Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

12. Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum

12 hair straightening products


Protect your hair from any kind of heat damage with this olive hair protection serum. Other than protecting your hair, it also gives your strands a smooth and glossy look. It makes straightening your hair super easy and we bet you’ll look absolutely gorge!

Price: Rs 769. Buy it here.


13. Nova Temperature Control Professional NHS 860 Hair Straightener

13 hair straightening products

For girls with curly or wavy hair, it’s obvious that you need a hair straightener. Get salon-like sleek locks with this straightener that transforms your frizzy hair into smooth and shiny strands. Now, it’s super-duper easy to straighten any kind of hair.


Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

14. Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush

14 hair straightening products - spa essence


The heat-activated ceramic coating on the brush allows even heat distribution to your hair. It cuts down your drying time and makes your hair setting last longer. You can use this brush while blow drying and/or when using a straightener. It’s super easy to use and will make your locks look gorgeous!

Price: Rs 540. Buy it here.


15. John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Styling Spray

15 hair straightening products - john frieda

Ease the frizz with this styling spray to get super sleek locks. It also wraps each strand with the heat-activated formula to protect your hair from the heat. It makes your straight locks look glossy and oh-so-smooth.


Price: Rs 1630. Buy it here

16. Wellastrate Intense Straightening Cream  

Wellastrate Intense Straightening Cream


Wellastrate Intense Straightening Cream is specially made for people with curly hair to make their hair look temporarily straight. It is a hair cream that is sulphate free which makes it suitable to be used on the scalp.

Price: Rs 500. Buy it here.


17. Giovanni Organic Straight Fast Hair Straightening Elixir 

Giovanni Organic Straight Fast Hair Straightening Elixir

Giovanni Organic Straight Fast Hair Straightening Elixir is a lightweight crystal clear gel that helps to add silky shine to the hair and keep it straight all day long.


Price: Rs 2,799. Buy it here.

18. Khadi Mauri Herbal Hair Serum – Complete Hair Nourishment & Silky Soft Hair 

Khadi Mauri Herbal Hair Serum - Complete Hair Nourishment   Silky Soft Hair


Khadi Mauri Herbal Hair Serum is amazing as it is made of herbal Ayurvedic formulations and it helps the hair to look straight all day long. All you need to do is apply the serum properly after washing your hair and you are all set for the day.

Price: Rs 230. Buy it here.


So, these were the 18 best hair straightening products that you need to own right now!

Here’s to smooth and sleek hair, ladies!


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26 May 2017
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