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7 Hydrating Hair Products Are The Secret To Shiny “Glass” Hair

7 Hydrating Hair Products Are The Secret To Shiny “Glass” Hair

Healthy hair is at the top of our 2022 beauty agenda. Just scroll through your Instagram feed, and you’ll notice all of your fave celebs and influencers are posting snaps with the most insane glossy – almost glass-like – tresses. We’ve seen some of the most screenshot-worthy variations of the trend, but now we have something even more exciting – and perhaps more user-friendly – up your sleeves: hydrating oil mists that are like a fast-track ticket to show-stopping glossy locks

Yup, it turns out prepping your strands for an epic glass hair look is just as effortless as the picture-perfect finale. So if you’re looking for something to amp up your blah mane, keep scrolling for A+ hair formulas that are key to the uber-glossy locks.

The Best Oil-Infused Hair Products For Your Shiniest Hair, Ever

For Super-Shiny Locks

On a budget? You can still rock the locks that feel and look like spun silk, thanks to this spray. Containing a blend of argan oil, rosemary extracts, and vitamins, this formula offers a supremely smooth finish.

For The Glass Hair Of Your Dreams

Ready for commercial-worthy hair? If running your finger through your hair feels a little like you’re touching sandpaper, it’s time to switch up your hair routine and add a hair serum to the mix. It’ll give dull, lifeless locks a new lease of life. Made with moringa and vegan silk protein, it coats your hair with a mirror-like shine.

For Glazed Donut-Level Shine

Infused with hydrating Indian ghee, coconut oil, and hemp oil – this oil-gloss hybrid leaves dry and frizzy hair looking soft, shiny, and sleek when applied after styling. It won’t refresh colour, but it will work wonders on breakage, damage, and split ends.

Shine So Bright You’ll Need Sunglasses

If we closed our eyes and dreamt up the perfect hair serum, this would be it. Not only is it beyond easy to use, but it’s also super lightweight and hydrating. It protects your hair during heat styling and also leaves it smooth, hydrated, and silky. 

Leave Your Locks Feeling Luxe

For an all-around amazing serum that works on all hair types, you can go with this one. It contains soothing and conditioning ingredients. Squirt a few drops onto the palms of your hands and work it through wet and dry hair. The results? Shiny hair that not only appears healthy but also feels just as luxuriously soft as it looks.

For Commercial-Worthy Tresses

You know those girls on Instagram who seem to always have the silkiest, smoothest hair? It’s probably because they’re using a hair serum like this one. The formula smooths and conditions your hair, leaving it super touchable and noticeably shinier. 

The time to buy would be now!

Featured Image: Instagram

02 Jun 2022

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