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We’re *Totally* Crushing On These Colour Highlights For Long Hair!

We’re *Totally* Crushing On These Colour Highlights For Long Hair!

While flaunting your long tresses feels amazing, what makes your mane all the more enviable is the right kind of hair colour. And ladies, with a host of colour options and techniques out there, we know that picking one can be quite a mind-boggling task. Here’s some help from our end – these 9 hair colour trends for long hair are one better than the other. Take your pick and book that hair appointment already!

1. Of bright endings

We love how the multiple shades of brown transform into blonde ends here. This gives a multidimensional look to the mane giving it an illusion of being thicker and more voluminous. If you don’t want to go too light closer to the roots, this is the one for you.

2. Kick in the caramel

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Streaks of deep caramel starting mid-length lend a very chic and easy vibe to the mane. A generous amount of trendy highlights for long hair done with a colour so rich looking is bound to suit the Indian skin tone. Give it a shot, we suggest.


3. Bronze babe

Here, while the roots are a natural dark brown, mid-length onwards, this shades into a lovely bronze hair highlight for long hair. The glossy colour looks super chic and so stunning.

4. Balayage basics

The balayage technique became popular a while ago and it’s still a hit! Here, as part of this technique, two shades of brown are applied freehand onto the hair. It has a more natural finish than most other techniques. We quite like what we see!

5. Blonde boost

This hair colour trend for long hair is for those who are a tad bit of experimental with their looks. Blonde streaks starting mid-length look so eye striking. We like how the highlighting is done in the front – the blonde begins just 2-3 inches from the roots!

6. A hint of chocolate

Just a couple of streaks with a chocolate brown shade looks minimalistic and fabulous. The rest of the hair can be kept in its natural shade, making it a perfect pick for those who want to get their hair coloured but don’t want to go all out with it.


7. Light and lovely

The dirty blonde is for the daring ones. The hair highlight for long hair looks fun and so eye-catching. This one is a mix of dirty blonde with some streaks of light brown. The combination is sure to suit the dusky skin tone and one that will get you a ton of compliments!

8. Mermaid vibes

A mermaid blue looks so mesmerizing, doesn’t it? For those who want to stand out in a crowd, go for this dreamy shade and be sure to have all eyes on you. Instead of having the trendy hair colour for long hair from root to tip, start mid-length and go for a generous amount of streaks or an ombre to really make that colour pop.

9. Hey honey

How elegant does this hair highlight for long hair look?! A deep honey hue, painted onto the hair freehand looks lovely, if you ask us. To really give your mane a makeover, opt for this shade and technique, and wow the world!

31 Jul 2017

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