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Easy weight loss tips to lose weight at home

Anyone who knows me knows I obsess about exercise. I have spent time with some of the world’s best trainers and have done some really intense classes (I LOVE Barry’s Bootcamp) and this is what it boils down to: these 5 weight loss tips and exercises that will transform your body. All you need is motivation, a skipping rope and 30 minutes. 

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1. Skipping for weight loss

Yes, you did it in school, under duress and the eagle eye of your PE teacher. But trust me when I tell you: 5 minutes of skipping every day will give you the cardio burst you need to cut flab and lose weight. So do it every day. Do it at the highest intensity you can. And thank me for it when those love handles melt away. 

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2. The Plank

The ultimate answer to how to lose weight at home. It is the go to hero-move for your core. See how to do the perfect plank and then hold it for 60 seconds. Follow on with side planks (on each side obviously) for 60 seconds each. 

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3. Squat for weight loss

It is not easy to do an effective squat. But once you learn how to do one, your butt WILL get toned and pert. Do a set of 12 of this weight loss exercise

4. Tricep Dip

This one is my favourite move for fat loss from arms. Most women struggle with toning their arms. Daily tricep dips are quick and effective. The first set is one of 12.  


5. Push up

As far as arm/ back/ chest exercises go – the push up is an all-rounder workout for weight loss. Once again tough to do – you start off on your knees and then become strong enough to do the full version. 12 is your magic number. 

Now that you have done one circuit – it should take you around 10 minutes – do the entire set again. Don’t forget to thank me for these weight loss tips- and yourself – for doing it!  MUST-READ: #RealGirlFitness: How to Lose Weight – A Practical Guide MUST-READ: #ToneUpThatBooty: 5 Simple Exercises For A Better Butt! Also Read Dips Exercise Benefits

06 May 2016

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