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The BEST Eyeliner Styles For *Your* Face Shape!

The BEST Eyeliner Styles For *Your* Face Shape!

Lining our eyes for a dash of drama and an instant shot of confidence is every girl’s go-to makeup move. It’s no secret that we can’t do without our eyeliner pencils – but what if we told you that a simple line or your regular subtle flicks may not be the most flattering look for you? It’s time to take your face shape into consideration, ladies. After all, makeup is meant to accentuate your natural beauty. So read on to find the best eyeliner styles for YOUR face shape and get ready to let your eyes steal the show!

1. Face Shape: Oval

Your face is longer than it is wide, and your forehead is of similar width as your jaw.


best eyeliner styles for your face shape 1

Your ideal eyeliner style: Thanks to their symmetrical bone structure, oval face shapes can pull of almost any kind of eye dramatization. Lucky you! But for days when you don’t want to go too dramatic, simply lining the outer half of your lower lashline is a fantastic way to emphasize your eye shape. For the desired effect all you need to do is carefully draw a fine line below your lash line. Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is perfect for achieving this look thanks to its black kohl-cum-liner formula. Get ready to shine, girl!


2. Face Shape: Round

Defined by rounded corners at your forehead and chin, the length of your face is almost the same as the width.

best eyeliner styles for your face shape 2


.Your ideal eyeliner style: When it comes to a round face, the trick is to add definition by way of some drama. The first thing you need to do is downplay the roundness by opting for angular brows, so use a brow pencil to define those arches a bit. Don’t go overboard, though, you don’t want them to look too severe. Lightly filling them in is all you need to do. Complement those brows with thick winged liner to help your peepers stand out. Smokey eyeshadow finished off with strong liner is also a look that will look fabulous on your face shape!

3. Face Shape: Square

Characterized by a strong and angular forehead and jaw. Your forehead and jaw are almost the same width.


best eyeliner styles for your face shape 3

Your ideal eyeliner style: The aim is to soften the angles of your face with a makeup look that is feminine and soft. Line your upper and lower lash lines like you normally would but smudge them with a brush or a Q-tip to soften any sharp edges – use a round-tip pencil to start with to make the process simpler. Finish off with a generous coat of mascara to lengthen those lashes and bring a flirty, girly vibe to your face.


4. Face Shape: Oblong

An oblong face is longer than it is wide. The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are relatively the same width.

best eyeliner styles for your face shape 4


Your ideal eyeliner style: Draw attention away from the length of your face by emphasizing your peepers. Play up your gorgeous eyes by experimenting with bold eyeshadow colours. Cat eyes should be your signature style to really make your eyes grab attention. Use the Plum NaturStudio Flip-Tip Sharpener to sharpen your eyeliner pencil to a rounded tip for smoother application, and then re-sharpen to a pointed tip for more precise lines that help you ace those cat eyes like a pro!

5. Face Shape: Diamond

Your face is wider at the cheekbones and narrow at the forehead and chin, just like a diamond!


best eyeliner styles for your face shape 5

Your ideal eyeliner style: To help make your forehead appear wider, groom your brows with a slightly wider gap in the centre. Dramatic, extended liner or Arabic style eyeliner is also a great choice for you as it brings a widening effect to your face. The fact that this eyeliner style is super glam is an added bonus!


* This is a sponsored post for Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal. Use this highly pigmented and long-lasting kohl-cum-liner pencil to ace any and every eyeliner style like a pro. The bonus, of course, is the Plum NaturStudio Flip-Tip Sharpener – which takes your pencil from rounded tip to sharp tip and back within seconds, making this one of the most versatile eyeliners we’ve ever seen!

05 Feb 2017
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