7 Not-So-Basic Brown Lip Glosses That Deserve A Spot In Your Fall Beauty Stash

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 11, 2021
7 Not-So-Basic Brown Lip Glosses That Deserve A Spot In Your Fall Beauty Stash


Ahh, the ‘90s. There were so many beauty trends we thought we left in the past. Think over-plucked eyebrows, pastel eyeshadows, claw clips, glitter everything. But since everything seems to circle back, a lot of these trends have made a comeback. And, Right now, we can’t get enough of uber-shiny, ’90s-inspired brown lips – the look you get just by swiping on a good gloss. The trend has reached such a level of popularity and universality – it’s too good to ignore. The look was so popular with celebs from Priyanka Chopra to Victoria Beckham to Jennifer Lopez. We thought it was a dearly departed beauty trend, but now, it is back. And we’re not really mad about it.

Brown-toned glosses are the chicest fall-appropriate way to give your deep, naturally-lined lips a splash of colour. Now, we know brown lipstick and glosses might not work for everyone, but there are different hues of brown that work for fair, olive as well as deep skin tones, with some glosses working well for all three. Ahead, find the best brown lip glosses to add to your fall beauty rotation.

7 Of The Best Brown Lip Glosses You Can Get Your Hands On

For A Slight Fall Upgrade

MAC Lipglass is a beauty industry icon. The clear option is a go-to for beauty savants worldwide. The brown hue is ideal for warm to fair skin tone, and you won’t sacrifice the colour payoff. Add this lip gloss to your cart to make a major lip-centric statement. 

A Year Round Beauty-Stable

The stellar reviews of this drugstore lip gloss are a reason to snag this pocket-friendly buy. No scent, no waxy texture, and is extremely moisturising. Even if you’re a gloss-hater, you’re legit gonna fall in love with this formula. It creates a long-lasting layer on your lips that doesn’t crack or settle into fine lines.

The Multi-Tasker

So you want the coddling and nourishing feeling of a lip mask but the look of a lip gloss. Who doesn’t? This lip gloss is infused with botanical oils to give your lips a comfortable, cushiony feel while giving you a plumped-up brown-hued sheen of a gloss. This Bobbi Brown lip gloss gives you the best of both worlds.

For A Fashion-Girl Approved Look

Having a high-shine lip gloss in your collection is always a plus. The name of the gloss is spot on because I’m tempted to purchase it after I finish writing this story. The vampy, deep shade is the perfect accessory for a night out and will love stellar on medium to deep skin tones. 

The One We’re Freaking Out Over

We have been super into this all-over gloss lately, thanks to this pick from Guerlain. At first glance, it looks like any other lip gloss, but it’s so much more than that. The creamy formula is filled with hydrating ingredients and can also be used on eyes and cheeks, giving you a shimmery, glossy, and more importantly, non-sticky finish.

The Forever Favourite

If you have been searching forever for a lip gloss with an intense colour payoff – this is the perfect gloss to call on. It’s meant for love at first sight – the creamy formula will glide right onto your lips, leaving behind a full pigmented hue that lasts for hours. It’ll become a forever part of your lip gloss rotation.

The Chicest Hue

When searching for your perfect brown, the undertones of both your skin and gloss of choice are crucial to take note of. Medium, yellow, or olive skin tones, along with deep complexions, look great in a pinkish-brown lips gloss like this highly-rated formula from Kiko.

BRB, adding these to my cart!

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