We’re Calling It! These 5 Brow Styles Are Going To Dominate The 2021 Trend Charts

Larissa PintoLarissa Pinto  |  Sep 28, 2020
We’re Calling It! These 5 Brow Styles Are Going To Dominate The 2021 Trend Charts

Even though we’ve been quarantined at home for most of this year, we were still blessed with many makeup and skincare trends. Between March to September, we’ve seen the growth of rigid skincare routines and the transformation of Friday night party makeup to video call friendly looks. But now that we’re nearing the end of this horrendous year with only 3 months left to spare *shocker*, it’s time to prep for next year’s beauty trends which hopefully, we get to sport out in public rather than just virtually. 

And what better feature to start with than with the brows. Whether you’re a beauty maven or you’re just beginning your journey, you need to remember that eyebrows are the most important part of your face and the way you style them, makes a whole lot of difference. You can contour your face all you want and blend your eye makeup perfectly, but it’s all a waste if your brows aren’t maintained properly. 

Note: Most of these brow styles can be easily achieved at home, but if your confidence level isn’t at its all-time high when it comes to styling or plucking your brows, you can go ahead and seek the help of a professional. 

5 Eyebrow Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Want to get on the trend wagon? Get out your notebook or be ready to screenshot your favourite trendy brow style.

Keeping It Natural

As stated earlier, the 2021 brow trend is going to be influenced by our life during the quarantine. Since natural brows are the big ‘IT’ thing RN, it seems like this trend will be coming with us to 2021 as well. This eyebrow style requires minimum effort and doesn’t require a professional — just your brow powder and spoolie.

All you need to do is clean up the extra strands with your trusty tweezer, comb the hair with your spoolie and you’re good to go. If they are sparse, you will need a bit of brow powder to fill them in.

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Thinning It Down

thin eyebrows 2021


This brow style is for those who don’t have Cara Delevigne like bushy brows. If you fall under this category, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a trend to match your brows. Since 2021 is heavily influenced by the pandemic, you can rock those thin brows with pride, instead of using product after product to fill them up. The Thin Brow trend that’s predicted to dominate the 2021 trend chart, takes inspiration from the ‘90s but with a few enhancements.

Unlike Rachel Green’s ultra-thin strands, this brow style is all about working with what you’ve got and just fluffing them up with a little brow gel.

The Mono-Brow

The Mono-Brow


Yup, it seems like in 2021, monobrows are officially not going to be a beauty faux pas. We’ve already seen models like Taylor Hill embrace this fused eyebrow look and in 2021, everyone’s going to be embracing it as well. If you are tired of constantly waxing off your unibrow, now’s the best time to ditch those products and embrace your natural beauty…mono-brow and all!

If you do want to clean it up a bit, you can do it yourself at home. All you’ll need is a tweezer and a magnifying glass to pluck out any stray strands until you’re satisfied with your mono-brow look. Once you’re done, apply either lotion, aloe gel or ice on the area.

Bushy Brows

Bushy Brows


Seems like this brow trend is here to stay. A couple of years ago, model Cara Delevingne showed us the beauty of embracing natural bushy brows and it has been going strong ever since. Even in 2021, we’re predicting that everyone is going to stay loyal to this brow style.

If you aren’t blessed with big, bold brows but really want to embrace this trend, you can fake it with brow powder and gel.

Set It Straight

Straight brows


You can thank Kendall Jenner for this eyebrow style. Unlike angled brows, straight brows frame the face in a different way as they give you an instant eyelift while creating the illusion of a smaller face. You’ve probably seen the numerous TikTok videos of waxing or shaving off the tail-end of the brows, but before you take any drastic measures in hopes to recreate this look, keep in mind that your brows don’t grow back fast and you will have to deal with the aftermath for at least a couple of months.

There you have it, 5 brow styles that are set to dominate the trending charts in 2021. If you haven’t gotten your eyebrow beauty set yet or it needs to be replaced, we suggest you hit the add to cart option right away.

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