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10 *Beautiful* Bridal Hairdos To Flaunt Your Long Hair!

Sonali PawarSonali Pawar  |  Jun 28, 2017
10 *Beautiful* Bridal Hairdos To Flaunt Your Long Hair!


Apart from your bridal outfit and makeup, hair is an essential part of your entire look for your wedding functions. If you’re still looking for the perfect hairdo for your big day, get some inspiration from these gorgeous hairstyles. If you have long tresses but don’t want to go for a hair bun, then these bridal hairstyles are what you’ve been looking for! The stunning hairstyles are perfect for brides with long hair and you’ll look picture perfect in whatever style you choose to flaunt on your wedding day.

1. Royal ringlets

To dazzle at your wedding (and other wedding functions), ask your hair stylist to go for ringlets. This hairdo looks super gorgeous on girls with long hair. You can sweep your gorgeous tresses over one shoulder and flaunt the pretty ringlets just like this bride.

2. Slaying it with a pouf

Not everyone is blessed with voluminous hair and if you’re planning to keep your hair open, you should definitely add some volume to your hairdo. Go for a slight pouf in order to add that volume to your tresses. Just like this gorgeous bride, twist your entire hair length (as it adds volume to your hair) and flaunt that passa, brides-to-be!

3. Side-swept waves

Just look at this gorgeous picture, everything is so ‘on point’. We are in love with her simple yet stylish hairdo. Many brides prefer sweeping their hair to one side and believe us, it looks oh-so-gorgeous. Go for it, brides-to-be!

4. Pretty in a braid

This hairstyle is SO perfect for your mehendi, isn’t it? The gorgeous hair accessories add that bit of jazz to the entire hairdo and we absolutely love it. Go for a fishtail braid as it’s different than your usual one and looks so pretty, too!

5. Glossy and gorgeous

Look at this bride’s shiny hair, don’t you love it? Go for soft curls at your hair ends while the rest of the length is super straight and glossy. Set your gorgeous hairdo with a setting spray that will also help maintain the shine and you’re ready to dazzle at your wedding.

6. For the love of ponytails

If you have super long hair, we suggest you go for a chic ponytail hairdo. Make a high ponytail and use a thin elastic hair tie to secure it. You can then take a few strands to wrap around the elastic band so that it’s not visible. To add a bit of texture to your length, use a sea salt spray for that beach vibe.

7. Au naturale

It’s time you flaunt your natural wavy locks (with the help of a few products, obviously). Look at this bride rocking natural hair at her engagement ceremony. You can use a salt spray to add a bit of a messy texture to your hair. If you want, slightly curl your hair to add texture and you’ll be one beautiful bride.

8. Flowers in her hair


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Rock your wedding functions with a braided hairdo as girls, you can never go wrong with it! Braids look so pretty and there are SO many styles for every occasion. Make a messy braid of your choice and accessorize it with tiny flowers. Your hair will not only look amazing but smell divine, as well.

9. Flaunt your tresses


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Don’t limit the open hairstyle only to the wedding functions. Take some inspiration from this bride and ditch the bun on D-day as well. This bride’s side-swept wavy tresses look oh-so-stunning and we are in love with it. Go ahead with it, ladies!

10. Like a princess

Look like a princess on your wedding day with this beautiful hairstyle. Make a crown braid, like this bride and accessorize it with fresh flowers or floral accessories. This hairdo is super pretty and we bet it’ll make you look like a princess on your big day.