Mane Of Your Dreams: These Tips Will Give Your Hair SO Much Volume & Life!

Mane Of Your Dreams: These Tips Will Give Your Hair SO Much Volume & Life!

If you ask me, thin hair is both a blessing and a curse. While it is definitely an easy mop to style, thin hair also means that rocking second-day hair is a far-fetched dream because it falls limp very often. Yes, dry shampoo is our best friend and we exploit this friendship to no end. But there definitely are more ways thanks to which you can wake up to gorgeous, voluminous hair. All it needs is a few styling tricks, volume inducing ingredients and love (read: patience). Following these tips will not only do your hair a world of good, but they will also make sure you have those 5 extra minutes of sleep in the morning. Read on…

1. Less is more

1 voluminous hair

Let’s begin with the basics - washing your hair. Do not pile your hair up with products. The thing about thin hair is that it is easily manageable and can be beautifully groomed with just a few products. It will look better because it isn’t being weighed down with too much gunk!

Try multipurpose products like the Naturalium Peach Shampoo And Conditioner (Rs 399)

2. Hair flip for the win

When you’re done washing and detangling your hair, just flip your hair a couple of times. This separates your strands and adds the texture that you need.

Use a texturizing spray like Toni&Guy Casual: Sea Salt Texturising Spray (Rs 840) for amazing volume in your hair

3. Thicken hair with argan oil

3 voluminous hair

Argan oil works beautifully to heal your hair strands and also restore the volume. A dab of argan oil serum before styling your hair will do wonders for your mane.

Get this Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil (Rs 725)

4. Clip the hair

Volume begins at the roots always, so that is where you need your styling to begin. So, clip the top part of your hair at the roots in a pouf to add volume while your hair dries. Switch the clips around so you do not have kinks in your hair while it dries.

Get these Elite Models ABC5115B Small Fashion Hair Clips - Multi (Rs 399)

5. Diffuser is a must

5 voluminous hair

If you are looking at heat styling your hair, instead of blow drying it, invest in a good quality diffuser attachment for your hair drier. A hair diffuser is a great way to get beachy, natural-looking waves that have tons of volume. A diffuser dries hair from the roots up, keeping it curled and scrunched while it does so.

My recommendation is Nova NHP-8201 Professional Hair Dryer with Diffuser (Rs 699)

6. Lift it, dry it, flip it

If you do not want to use a diffuser and would rather blast dry your hair, then make sure you use a few tricks to dry it properly. Lift your hair up over your head and start drying at the roots. Post that, just flip your hair over and blast dry starting at the bottom, again.

Get the Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer (Rs 1,695)

7. Buns are the way to be

7 voluminous hair

Finally, when your hair doesn’t need to be down, put it up in a bun. I usually like to sleep in with a top knot, so when I wake up I have high volume hair without doing much. But even when you’re commuting, or have a 5-minute loo/coffee break, just put your hair up in a bun. Every little thing counts!

Get the Magic Foam Sponge Hair Styling Donut Bun Maker (Rs 179) for an easy bun.

8. Bonus tip

Instead of applying dry shampoo onto your hair in the morning, spray some at night. That way the shampoo has the whole night to soak in the grease and oils. Double whammy? Apply dry shampoo and tie your hair up in a high bun before you sleep. You will wake up to a high volume mane that you can’t believe is yours!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Instant Hair Refresh Beautiful Brunette For Medium Brown Hair (Rs 749) is my favourite.