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Indulgent Body Oils To Add To Your Body Care Routine For Plump & Supple Skin

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 18, 2021
Indulgent Body Oils To Add To Your Body Care Routine For Plump & Supple Skin


The level of skin glow reaches new heights with body oils. Ultra-nourishing with unique skin-beautifying properties that are crafted to pamper, body oils are beauty items that are a true luxury to possess. From sensational aromas to light-reflecting properties, the body oils we are crushing on leave no stone unturned when it comes to making our skin look as gorgeous as a goddess. Your body moisturiser is great but it has got nothing on the features of body oil. Perfect to boost your skin glow for the party season, these body oils are going to be your new favourites to glam up your body just like your visage.

8 Body Oils For Hydrated & Luminous Skin


Celestial Glow

Infused with rosehip oil and holographic iridescent properties, this body care product is a must-have to elevate your skincare game by moisturising and brightening your overall complexion. The lightweight texture gets absorbed by the skin quickly and boosts the skin’s luminosity.

Pearlescent Magic

This oil concoction of argan oil and sesame oil with pearlescent minerals by Moroccan Oil is a gorgeous body beautifying oil that softens and nourishes your skin while adding a gorgeously soft, shimmery glow. The amazing formula has a mild fragrance of the OG Moroccan Oil signature scent.

Soft & Supple 

For skin that is glowy, supple and smooth to touch, the L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil is the product to go for. It nourishes skin with its unique blend of almond oil and camelina oil and makes skin feel nourished and firmer. The spray applicator allows you to spritz on the oil which melts into your skin on contact.

Sun-Kissed Body

Give your body a shimmering bronze glow with The Body Shop Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. This body oil works like a shimmer-infused foundation for your body so that the skin on your body matches your makeup. Perfect to rock evened out highlighted skin from head to toe, this body oil is a must-have in your beauty kit.

Polished Perfection

Infused with pomegranate and sea buckthorn, this body oil by Neemli Naturals is truly indulgent. It works to nourish and rejuvenate your skin while improving its appearance. The oil gets absorbed by the skin instantly leaving it looking radiant and polished.

The Cult-Favourite 

Many swear by Bio Oil and for good reason. This body oil has the ability to lighten stretch marks and scars and deeply nourish and brighten skin. It softens skin texture, evens out skin tone and rejuvenates skin with its anti-ageing properties.

Floral Essence

Rich in minerals and vitamin A, D, and E, the Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Bath & Body Oil will treat your skin to the goodness of floral essential oils, almond oil, soya bean, wheat germ, and castor oil all of which delivers antioxidants to the skin to fight free radical damage. The lightweight oil also has skin regenerative properties.

Luxe Effect 

A soothing body oil that deeply nourishes skin to prevent wrinkles and skin ageing, the RAS Luxury Oils Bliss Liquid Luxury Body Oil is a treat to apply. Infused with invigorating, skin-healing, and stress-relieving essential oils like vetiver, geranium, lavender, jasmine, patchouli, lemon, cedarwood, and sweet orange, this body oil is the perfect choice for a luxurious pampering sesh at home.

Glamour Drops

As the name suggests, The Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil works as a moisturising highlighter for your body. Featuring a delicate coconut-vanilla scent, this concoction of gold-toned jojoba oil and almond oil along with pearlescent shimmer minerals, this golden body oil is perfect to deck up from head to toe like a true celebrity.

And if oils aren’t your thing, you can always try out good ol’ lotions. We recommend the MyGlamm GLOW Iridescent Brightening Body Lotion. It’s enriched with rosehip oil and boasts of holographic, iridescent shimmers that will help you shine all year long.

Treat your skin to these ASAP!

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