Cheek Beauty Check: 8 Blush Palettes That Score Extra Points For Versatility

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jan 5, 2022
Cheek Beauty Check: 8 Blush Palettes That Score Extra Points For Versatility


2021 was big on beauty experiments and blush emerged as one of the most versatile makeup products to have fun with. Whether you’re getting ready for a peachy summer evening, or a gloomy rainy day that calls for plum tones, a seamless blush will do the trick. And while we love the new page we’ve turned with blush makeup looks, we’ve also had to toss our single blush pans and tints to bring in something more versatile. Enter, multi-shade blush palettes. If you’re thinking about ringing in the new year with a 2022 ready vanity, this makeup product is a must-have.

The Best-Sellers

Here are some of the best blush palettes in the Indian market that have won our hearts and space in our shopping carts. These versatile blush palettes can give you gorgeous makeup looks throughout the year, your varying moods, makeup aesthetics and different occasions. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

The Cutest Multi-tasker

featuring 2 blush shades, this face makeup kit also includes a translucent powder and a highlighter. Add to cart? Check!

Love In A Palette, Literally

Who said money can’t buy happiness? It can buy this CT face palette and that’s literally the same thing.

Flushed Cheeks On-The-Go

If you like cutely packed makeup, you’re going to just love this bite-sized mini blush and highlighter duo in a palette.

A Blush party In Here!

An exclusive collection of cheek shades – blush, highlight and bronzer, this one is on the winning team for sure.

Natural Blush Tones FTW

If you’re into the naturally flushed cheeks look, this is the blush palette match for you.

A Beauty Benefit For Sure

The 3 new blush shades in this palette are something you absolutely NEED to try. Spoiler alert- you’ll fall in love.

All Your Iconic Blush Looks In One

This is a versatile combination of Wet n Wild’s best-selling blush shades packed in one.

For The Snatched Look Of Your Dreams

While a non-makeup enthusiast will say that these are too many blush shades, let us just say – IT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH!

Which of these multi-tasking babies will be making its way to your shopping cart?

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