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7 Best Beauty Moments From Coachella That Look Straight Out Of A ’90s Catalogue

7 Best Beauty Moments From Coachella That Look Straight Out Of A ’90s Catalogue

After a two-year hiatus, Coachella 2022 made a major comeback. Beyond the mind-blowing performances, the festival also lived up to its reputation for providing high-octane glam inspiration. It wouldn’t have taken a genius to tell you the Y2K aesthetic reigned supreme at Coachella 2022. Aside from a scarce few who opted for classic glam, Y2K beauty was the preferred poison for celebrities and influencers in attendance. Braids were everywhere, from face-framing tendrils to bundles tied in ponytails, makeup was bold and bright, and nails were neon and dangerously long. There was body glitter, butterfly clips, candy cotton-colored hair, and so much more.

So to help you spark some beauty inspo for the summer season, we have found the best makeup looks to come out of the festival. From casually glamorous to music video-worthy makeup, read ahead for the standout beauty moments from Coachella 2022. 

8 Striking Beauty Looks From Coachella That Are A Blast From The Past

Butterfly Eyeliner To Steal The Damn Show

Coachella is anything but traditional, which is why it makes sense that the music festival saw many iterations of the reverse eyeliner fad – when eyeliner is applied to the bottom lash line instead of traditionally along the top – in a myriad of colours – from Camila Mendes’s bright orange to Hailey Bieber’s baby blue. 

The Insta-Viral Baby Braids 

Coconut braids are a staple Y2K hair look, so of course, they were seen all over the valley. Previously seen on stars like Hailey Bieber, Kendal Jenner, and Addison Rae, the look is clearly here to stay.

Who’s Got The Blue?

While it may not be the same music festival it used to be, the stars still came out to bring their beauty A-game. We don’t know about you but we’ve been staring at Rina Sawayama’s dreamy blue eyeshadow for longer than what’s extremely appropriate. It’s safe to say that the monochromatic beauty trend combined with crystal eye makeup is a match made in beauty heaven.

For The Bold Type

Want to put a maximalist spin on the crystal eye makeup trend? Take the gems beyond just the eyes and apply ‘em in your strands for a look that will have you feeling like a walking disco ball but in the best way!

A Look That Broke The Internet

A nod to the ‘90s brown lipstick looks good on pretty much everyone. Singer and actor Vanessa Hudgens channeled her love for Y2K aesthetics, letting her eye makeup be the star of the show. From the pop of eyeshadow colour to eye gems to winged liner, this look is totally mood board-worthy.

Kendal + Pigtail Braids = A Match Made In Beauty Heaven

Pigtail braids have been a rage for the past few years and the fashion crowd has finally agreed. They look so cute on their own. Kendal Jenner wore her trend-setting copper-toned hair in braided pigtails while cooling off a drink and we’re totes in love!

The Spikier, The Better

Remember how we were saying that ‘90s-revival hair was a major trend this year? Back then pointy pieces were the finishing touch to so many looks, especially for buns and twisted updos. Things have smoothed out some, but you better believe there’s still a time and place for buns with undone pieces poking out. Doja cat just exuded cool with her slicked-back spiked bun that gave us all the nostalgic feels. 

Ufff, we can’t get enough!

Featured Image: Instagram

28 Apr 2022

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