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Bling It On With These Euphoria Makeup Looks That Have Stolen Our Hearts

Bling It On With These Euphoria Makeup Looks That Have Stolen Our Hearts

Plenty of shows set the tone for fashion trends but few celebrate makeup fads in all their glory like Euphoria. I mean, the show started its own Euphoria makeup trend and that’s saying something. Since its premiere in 2019, the show has given us inspiration for music festivals, weddings, Halloween, and rave parties combined. Wildly successful, the series’ makeup looks are so good, they almost distract from the show’s harrowing plotline. So In honour of the show’s season two finale (airing on Monday), we are listing down our favourite makeup moments from Euphoria.

Best Makeup Looks That Euphoria Featured

For The Bold Type

To create this look, Davy opted for a dark-wine lipstick. She balanced out he vampy lips with blended splash of colours on the inner and outer corners of her eyes.

Abstract Eye Makeup FTW!

Jule’s abstract eye makeup is one for the free-spirited. It featured intricate details muttered across the eyelids, as seen in the picture above. They played with white, blue, and blask colours to create this breathtaking look.

Just Wing It!

Maddy’s look deaturing a sharp double-winged liner against a neutral pink eyeshadow is understated, yet elegant.

The Only I Enjoy Is In My Eye Makeup

In the second season of Euphoria, Kat is going through an identity crisis and self-discovery phase and her makeup looks are intended to mirror those emotions. She experimented with chartreuse eyeshadow paired with a clean lower lash line. She completed the look with ‘90s-inspired hair and brown lip liner and gloss.

Bolder Than My Lipstick, Sharper Than My Eyeliner

Maddy is known for her graphic eyeliner, and this one extends to create an extra-long wing. A little birdie tells us that Alexa loves to eliminate a lot of colours and really wants to experiment with more wing shapes.

A Prom-Worthy Look

Lexi is turning over a new leaf in the second season and her makeup choices gives us a sense of evolution. Her NYE look showcasing a coral eyeshadow with glitter sprinkled over gives us an existential makeup crisis.

Hella Gorgeous!

This red-eyed gothic look featuring iridescent eye-framing stick-ons and red eyeliner is giving us major cool-girl vibes.

Bring Me The Bold

For Kat’s winter formal, Davy created a winged eyeliner look with a bright neon-coral inverted cat-eye. Use can use these products to create the look.

Who’s Got The Blue?

This makeup look might take the case. Cassie’s rhinestone-heavy turquoise-and-green base is definitely one of season’s most memorable looks.

The Prettiest Of All

For the Halloween episode, Jule’s flaunted a makeup look that’s equal parts romantic and gothic. Davy used pastel shimmer–coral hue for her brows, secured with gel glitter and we’re hella obsessed.

The Kinda Blues We Love!

Cassie’s version of Alabama Whitman from True Romance is one to behold. All you need is a blue, glitter eyeliner to create this standout look.

A Look That Broke The Internet

To accentuate Maddy’s eyes, Davy and Sage gave her a blue base. They decorated the glittery base with a dainty string of rhinestones to complete the look. 

These looks are giving us life!

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Featured Image: Instagram

24 Feb 2022

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