What Is This Hype Around Under-Eye Gel Patches That Celebs Are All Over? Let’s Find Out!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Aug 27, 2020
What Is This Hype Around Under-Eye Gel Patches That Celebs Are All Over? Let’s Find Out!


Admit it, there’s something truly magical about putting on a face mask. Rather, a sheet mask! You can literally feel the good vibes entering your skin, can’t you? Whether it’s for nourishment purposes or just a cute selfie, we cannot get over our love for skincare, especially masks. Not to mention how cute they look sitting on our faces, doing their work and all.

Skincare has definitely become the talk of the town, especially now that we have all the time to try out every type of skincare product available at our disposal. After double-tapping on Instagram all day, every day (well, there’s not much else to do), one of the most common products that I’m seeing celebrities and influencers enjoy are under-eye gel patches. And I am intrigued by the hype.

What Are Under-Eye Gel Patches?

The small, translucent, gel-like patches that you see everyone sporting under their eyes these days, usually accompanied by a cuppa of their fave beverage (‘coz Insta aesthetics), are eye patches. These comma-shaped patches are just as fun to use as they are to look. Available in different compositions including charcoal-infused, aloe vera based, gold-infused or even in cutesy sparkly ones. But what do they do?

– Think of under-eye masks as a sheet mask for your eyes. They help moisturize the under-eye area and reduce fine lines too.

– Did you know that the under-eye area is super-sensitive and requires more love than the rest of the skin? Most of these eye masks are collagen-based, which means they help boost the production of collagen under your eyes. And eyes love any kind of TLC!

– They also help reduce puffiness around your eyes, crows feet, and even dark circles!

– Unlike your everyday eye cream, an under-eye patch will not work miraculously but will definitely help provide a boost of hydration while soothing the area, leaving a cooling sensation behind. Instant results guaranteed!

Under-eye patches are a quick fix and here are the ones that we love:

#POPxoProTip: Keep two steel spoons in the freezer for about five minutes and place the concave part of the cold spoon under your eyes to instantly wake them up. You’re welcome!

Featured Image: Instagram