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benefits of collagen for skin

Fountain Of Youth: Benefits Of Collagen And Everything Else You Need To Know About The Ingredient

Currently, collagen is the buzziest word in the beauty and fitness verse for all the right reasons. In the past couple of years, we have all heard experts from both industries talking about the benefits of collagen and we are all ears right now. Well, you will be too once you learn about how it is the key to youthful skin and glorious locks. Yes, you read that right. Collagen might after all be the ‘youth elixir’ that we have been looking forward to all this while. Read on to find more information about collagen, the benefits of collagen supplements, and the difference that they can make in the way you look.

What Is Collagen?

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The protein most abundantly present in the human body, collagen is found in our skin, muscles, tendons, and bones. It contributes to one-third of our body’s total protein composition and is the secret to looking younger for a long time. The protein is made out of amino acids and works in conjugation with elastin to keep our skin firm, supple, and elastic. Basically, think of it as a glue that has been holding our skin, bones and tissues together. The sad part is that as we age, our collagen production begins to deplete. External factors like exposure to sun and pollution can further impact the collagen production in our bodies too. This is when the benefits of collagen supplements come in. Hydrolysed and synthesised formulations of collagen, these supplements can be consumed orally and do wonders to your skin. They are said to replenish the skin by fortifying its depleting collagen needs and thus improving signs of ageing which include dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits Of Collagen For Skin

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A plethora of research shows that consuming the benefits of collagen supplements can be seen on the skin after their consistent consumption for several months. Here are some of the benefits of collagen for skin that you should know about:


As we have already mentioned, collagen is holding our body together. Thus, once the collagen starts depleting our skin, the result is visibly apparent in the form of wrinkles, loss of sheen, and age spots. The benefits of taking collagen include replenished skin because the supplements make up for the loss and replace whatever our body begins to lack with age.



Collagen is also said to improve the skin’s ability to absorb more moisture and thus can lead to visibly hydrated and glossier skin. 


While benefits of collagen include younger, firmer skin, these supplements can certainly do more than that. They are known to encourage skin cell rejuvenation which can eventually lead to a better texture as well as reduced pigmentation.

Benefits Of Collagen For Hair

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Not just for the skin but the benefits of collagen can also be seen in our hair texture, quality, and health. As you might be aware, keratin is a protein that is naturally present in our hair and is responsible for a healthy mane. Now, our body actually uses a variety of amino acids to form this key hair protein and a lot of them are naturally found in collagen. Thus, it plays a vital role in maintaining healthy hair as it does in painting healthy skin. Here are some of the key benefits of collagen for hair:

Keratin Pump

The collagen that we consume is broken down by our body into amino acids which then get converted into new proteins and compounds like keratin. Thus, think of collagen as the building block of your hair that is essential for the overall health of your mane and its strength. 


Damage Repair 

One of the biggest benefits of collagen for hair is that it helps fight the free radicals and environmental factors like pollution and harsh UV light that are responsible for hair damage. Collagen supplements come packed with antioxidants that act as a shield for your hair and minimise external damage. 

Age Induced Thinning & Greying

Experts argue that since our hair grows out of the scalp which is essentially skin, the same benefits of collagen supplements that we see should also reflect on hair. By this logic, collagen can very well play a vital role in presenting age-induced thinning and greying. 

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So fam, all set to reap the benefits of collagen?


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11 Jan 2022

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