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#BeautyRecycle: 7 Exciting Ways To Save Money and Reuse Old Makeup

What girl can resist splurging on fancy makeup? We look at it as a type of investment. While you may be too caught up with buying newer ones, you might have forgotten about the ones you already have. Since each product has a shelf life of its own, it might land up getting spoilt if you don’t make proper use of it.

If you’re clueless on how to reuse and recycle good quality makeup, we’ll show you how! Here’s a list of 7 exciting ways to reuse old makeup!

1. Merge Old Lipstick Shades To Give Birth To A New One!

old makeup lipstick - point 1

We women have tons of lipstick shades buried in our makeup kit. Some that are used often, and others that are just there for the heck of being there. It’s only when your lipstick becomes dry and sticky will you realise that it’s gone bad. So, before that happens, we suggest you follow these steps to make better use of them!


Step 1 – Make a list of all the lipsticks that you haven’t used or are on the verge of getting over.

Step 2 – Scoop out the remainder of all these leftover products and put them into a container.

Step 3 –  Place it in the microwave for about 5-8 secs.

Step 4 – Mix the colour with other melted shades to make a new one!


Step 5 – Keep the container in the fridge for the new homemade lipstick shade to harden

Tip – To create a glossy texture, simply add petroleum jelly to the mixture and stir well.


2. Eye Shadow – Old Into New



Eyeshadows are perhaps one of the easiest products to reuse. Over a period of time, eye shadow cakes tend to break and become powdery. Before you chuck them into a trash can, here are two ways you can reuse them.

A. Create A New Shade of Eyeshadow

Step 1 –  Crush the eye shadow cake into powder.

Step 2 –  Put the eye shadow shades into a container.

Step 3 – Mix all the existing shades to create a single shade.


Step 4 – Add a few drops of water to the mixture.

Step 5 – Stir the mixture with your finger for a whole minute.

Step 6 – Apply to your eyelids using your finger or an eyeshadow bush.



B. Create A New Shade of Nail Polish

Step 1 – Grab a bottle of transparent nail enamel.

Step 2 – Using a funnel, add eyeshadow powder to the polish.

Step 3 – If you want to add more shimmer, make sure to add a tiny amount of glitter to the mix as well.



3. Multiple Uses Of The Mascara Brush

old makeup mascara - point 3

The shelf life for mascara is just 4-5 months. After that time frame, the mascara gets spoilt and you will be left with no choice but to chuck it out. But the one thing that will still come in handy is the brush. You can wash the brush and use it for other things. Here are a few tips.

Tip 1 – The mascara brush can be used to brush and shape your eyebrows.

Tip 2 – It can be used to clean tiny delicate objects around the house.


Tip 3 – When you have a bad case of ugly mascara clumps, use a cleaned brush to separate your clumpy lashes and remove dried up mascara.


4. Make A Lip Balm Out Of a Lipstick!

old makeup lipbalm - point 4

Yes, it’s possible! Not only will you get a new variant of lip balm, you’ll get a brand new tinted shade as well! Here’s what you need to do to get that.


Step 1 – Find a small empty tin container.

Step 2 – Mix old lipstick and petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in another container.

Step 3 – Heat till the mixture melts. (5 mins approx.)

Step 4 – Stir the mix till both elements are settled and merged with each other.


Step 5 – Pour the hot mix into the tiny tin container.

Step 6 – Put the container into the refrigerator. (30 mins approx)

Step 7 – After it’s frozen and creamy, it’s ready to use!



5. Get The Perfect Jet-Black Liner

old makeup liner - point 5Is your pencil eyeliner giving you trouble? Has the product lost its purpose and quality? Before you chuck that  eye pencil out, we suggest you glance through these steps first!

Step 1 – Find an outdated Kohl liner.

Step 2 – Place the tip of the pencil over a flame (This could be done making use of a lighter, stove, or even over a matchstick!)

Step 3 – Hold under the flame for 1-2 seconds.


Step 4 – Give it time to cool down (15 secs approx)

Step 5 – Once it’s cooled down, it’s ready to use as a fab gel liner. Just test it on the back of your hands before you start defining your eyes.


6. Turn Your Foundation Into a Leg Bronzer

old makeup bronzer - point 6If you have a few extra foundations lying around or if you splurged on one only to realise that it is a few shades too dark or too light for your skin tone then try this tip to fake gorgeous, sun-kissed legs.


Step 1 – Apply a regular cream base to your leg.

Step 2 – Massage till the cream seeps into your skin pores.

Step 3 – Take a few drops of foundation.

Step 4 – Apply to the skin and massage well.


Step 5 – Apply moisturizer after, to smoothen its finish.


7. Put Those Remaining Few Drops of Perfume To Better Use!

old makeup perfume - point 7

Regardless of whether there is a small amount of perfume left, most of us prefer tossing the bottle out once the pump’s stopped spraying! While that seems convenient, we have a better plan! It requires a little effort from your side, but it will be totally worth it in the end! Promise! Here’s how to make better use of those last few drops of perfume.


Step 1 – Take your almost-empty bottle of fragrance out.

Step 2 – Pour the last few drops into an unscented body lotion (Make sure you make this transition as swiftly as possible as perfume evaporates super fast.)

Step 3 – Once you’ve added the drops, give the lotion bottle a good shake.

Step 4 – Voila! You now have a homemade scented lotion to boast about!


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06 May 2016

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