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8 Beauty Rituals That Should Be Part Of Our Daily Lives, According To The Experts

8 Beauty Rituals That Should Be Part Of Our Daily Lives, According To The Experts

Quarantine life may not be fun, but it has taught you how to be patient and make the most of your time. For some, that could be reading, writing poetry, trying Dalgona coffee, cleaning up your beauty cabinet and even taking care of your skin! While nothing lasts forever, let’s hope that is the fate of the coronavirus too. Once it’s safe to go out and play, please do not forget what quarantine life has taught you. 

8 Beauty Rituals You Must Continue Doing Even After Quarantine

It’s time to make this a lifestyle shift! 

1. Go Makeup-Free

You don’t always need to wear makeup to work every single day, on some days when you don’t have client meetings or presentations, give it a miss. Focus on just moisturising and applying sunscreen rather than applying heavy products like foundations, concealers, liquid highlighter and matte lippies. Give your skin a chance to breathe and it will reward you with a healthy glow. 

2. Cut Your Nails Short


Short nails, in general, are more practical than long nails. You don’t have to worry about them chipping, accidentally breaking or wounding your skin by scratching. With short nails, you can type faster on the keyboard, have a stronger grip when holding things like your cellphone and the best part, dirt and bacteria won’t be able to collect underneath your fingernails. Not to mention that these minimalist nail art designs look amazing on short nails. Care to try?

3. Get Your Beauty Rest

Yes, after-work drinking and parting sound all fun, but not for your skin. The hangover in the morning is the absolute worst and so not worth it anymore for your skin. Puffy eyes, sagged skin, dried lips, nah, ain’t nobody got time for that! Sleeping early will boost collagen production and repair damaged skin cells at night.

Talking about beauty sleep, a lot of experts recommend turning to Aromatherapy for your best R&R. According to Samay Dutta, Noir Salons, there is another way to get you closer to the best slumber ever. They believe that “Aromatherapy as we know it is a great curer and can be used in numerous ways. Be it creating a Buddha aura in your house or room by using a few drops in that essence pot as inhaling them regulates our emotions or using them in your skincare ritual to relieve stress and get your nervous system to rest. Lavender oil, sandalwood, peppermint and more are some of the essential oils which we highly recommend. Let’s be BFF’s with them and let them create magic.”

4. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy


The coronavirus has got us revaluating our own diet. Which actually is a good thing, because people are now being more conscious of things that they are eating. More leafy greens, boiled and nutritious food. The new diet not only boosts immunity but also clears skin out at the same time. Some foods that are good for your body and skin are citrus fruits, spinach, ginger, garlic, turmeric, shellfish, green tea, nuts and yoghurt. 

5. Oiling Your Hair Once A Week

While we’re at home, most of us spend a great deal at nursing our hair and skin to health. Oil massages have become a weekly thing and that’s excellent if you want stronger, shinier and healthier hair in the future. Hence, this is something you should continue even after the coronavirus situation gets better. 

6. Moisturise You Skin Daily


You should make SPF a rule, whether you’re at home or at work. Don’t ever stop using a moisturiser that’s loaded with SPF. This will keep your skin protected from sun damage and prevent premature ageing. 30 minutes before stepping out, generously apply sunscreen all over your body. This will keep your skin nourished and safe. 

7. Drinks Lots of Water

You’re probably at home right now taking sips of water every few minutes. Good! You must continue doing this if you want your skin to look hydrated and your body to carry on its functions smoothly like digestion, blood circulation and maintain your body’s temperature. When all of this eventually dies down, make sure that you carry your own bottle of water everywhere you go and continue to take frequent sips. 

8. Exercise Daily

Even though most of us are at home, we make sure that we spend at least 30 minutes working out. It’s what keeps our bodies healthy, active and strong. In fact, Samay Dutta recommends working out every day, “As isolation became normal, its toll on our life starts to emerge in subtle ways like our health. Since there is not much we can do during this lockdown and our physical activity has gone down drastically, its best to indulge in at least a 30-45 mins workout every day. Not only does working out makes you healthy and gets the metabolism pacing, but it’s also very good for mental health which is much needed at this rough hour. Sweating makes us eradicate toxins from our body and restore the glow of our skin. So get that body moving and that beautiful glow on!”

You can either choose to go back to your old ways once all of this mess is over or, you can start a new beauty chapter for yourself. 

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03 Apr 2020

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