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Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

Want Youthful-Looking Eyes? Avoid These 6 Beauty Mistakes At All Costs!



The quest for bright under eyes can feel like a never-ending one, particularly in this era of Zoom. No matter how many hours of sleep we get or how healthy we eat, issues in the form of dryness, dark circles, or fine lines are pretty much inevitable. Why? It’s because the skin around our eyes is super thin, delicate, and the muscles in that area get a lot of action (like every time we laugh, squint, or roll our eyes).

Eyecare is one of the most debated topics—there’s back-and-forth over the necessity of eye cream and a dedicated eye care regime. But no matter what you do, there are specific mistakes that can sabotage your dream of youthful-looking eyes. Scroll ahead check out the top six mistakes that can inadvertently cause eye wrinkles.


6 Tiny (But Avoidable) Mistakes That Can Worsen Eye Wrinkles

Mistake #1: Harshly Scrubbing & Rubbing Your Eyes



There are few sensations as satisfying as aggressively rubbing itchy eyes, but it’s one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to prevent fine lines in the eye area. Avoid over-the-top massaging, rubbing, or stressing the delicate skin around the eyes. But rubbing and itching aren’t the only motions that can disturb the thin under-eye skin. You can also damage the area while applying makeup or skincare too. Proper eye cream application is one skincare step that is non-negotiable. Being gentle with application and not ignoring your crow’s feet is important.  

Mistake #2: Sleeping With Eye Makeup On



Removing makeup at the end of the day is the most important skin care rule. Opt for the gentlest possible cleanser or makeup remover and make sure you don’t rub your eyes too much. Fully rinse everything from your lids and lashes before sleep. PS: Add that to your list of reasons to stay diligent about makeup removal, no matter how tempting your bed is after a long day. Your future skin will thank you!

Mistake #3: Not Giving Enough Hydration



Aside from the irritation that can occur when eye makeup is left on the skin overnight, when left for prolonged periods, eye makeup can actually dehydrate the under-eye area. This can lead to a number of problems, including the appearance of fine lines. But makeup isn’t the only culprit we’re talking about here. Think about all the movements your eyes make. They need hydration to keep that skin able to bounce back and stay firm. Use ultra-hydrating ingredients including collagen, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, along with aloe vera which moisturizes, soothes, and tightens skin.

Mistake #4: Slacking Off On Sun Protection



Sunscreen is the answer to pretty much every skincare woe. Dark spots? Sunscreen. Rosacea? Sunscreen. And as it turns out, this sun-sheltering product is the key to slowing down the formation of eye wrinkles too. Sun protection by way of sunscreen and sunglasses can help curb premature ageing. Regular use of this skin saviour from an early age can significantly slow down ageing in the delicate skin on the eyelids and around the entire under-eye area. Yet another excuse to invest in cute hats and sunglasses, in addition to liberally applying that SPF!


Mistake #5: Choosing the Wrong Ingredients



Besides hydration, the key to keeping wrinkles at bay is incorporating active ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, retinol, and eye SPF. You’ll want to proceed with caution, though. Be mindful of personal allergens that don’t agree with your skin as they can lead to inflammation that can cause unwanted texture.

Mistake #6: Frowning


Apparently, laughter really is the best medicine. The dynamic wrinkles caused by the muscle contractions from frowning can lead to stagnant lines around the eye area. This isn’t to say that showing emotions should be avoided—but it’s important to remember that these kinds of dramatic expressions can leave a lasting impression on our faces. Aside from the lines and wrinkles, let this be a reminder to make a habit of choosing happiness, simply because we all deserve to know joy.

If you are guilty of doing any of these—time to get new habits!


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Featured Image: Pexels

19 Apr 2021

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