Goodbye Puffy Eyes: I TOTALLY Swear By These Under-Eye Creams!

Goodbye Puffy Eyes: I TOTALLY Swear By These Under-Eye Creams!

Coffee could easily be my middle name or my blood group. I drink a lot of it, and as you would rightfully assume, I barely sleep. You can blame it on my coffee or blame it on the reading that I do or the job that I have (this one if you were wondering) and as every writer would tell you, writing happens when there is silence. So, in nutshell, I do not sleep, and when I do manage some sleep, it is never nearly enough and I wake up with bags under my eyes. Earlier, I would just go with it but NOW, I have my holy grail under-eye creams that make sure I do not look like a panda when I land up at work.

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I used to take under-eye moisturisation as a joke. Then came my 20s, and suddenly the under-eye area felt like it was drying out and stretched, especially in the cold. Not a very comfortable condition, I’d say. I started moisturising generally like a crazy person and had extremely shiny skin because of it. However, those creams did not suffice. About a year or 2 ago, I started reading up about this and that is when I realised that the skin underneath the eye is a little more sensitive and needs different kinds of ingredients just like your lips do.

I first discovered the Clinique Pep-Start eye cream, honestly, it was the packaging that attracted me the most. I didn't feel old buying the cute peppy orange tube (you know what I mean!). I started using this one 2 years ago and I have replaced and reused till today. It started off with just moisturising my under-eyes but slowly I started noticing that it got more supple with time and bounced the light off. I started waking up with visibly less puffiness, and brighter under-eyes. At this time though, I did not have too many dark circles.

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A few months ago, I found the O3+ Eye Circle Cream, and this one wasn't picked up for the packaging. With ageing now becoming a factor and sleep becoming more elusive I did need something to reduce the appearance of dark circles before I concealed the hell out of them. This cream also had a similar effect on my under-eye area, but it definitely worked much better on the wrinkles and the area around the eyes. I started applying both of them twice a day and spread out the application all the way around the eye area including the brow bone.

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Okay, NOW, let's get down to brass tacks!


  1. Both of these together have DEFINITELY, reduced the appearance of dark circles while moisturising the skin.

  2. There is a definite collagen boost that you can notice when you touch the under-eye area.

  3. You need a dot of the product for both eyes and that ensures longevity.


  1. Okay, I do not have starkly visible dark circles, so this combination or even these creams by themselves may not work on deeper dark circles.

  2. They are definitely priced high and that might serve as an issue especially if you want to use a combination of both of them.

  3. Again, I do not have visible fine lines or wrinkles as of right now, so I do not know how effective they are on deeper wrinkles.